Original textModern textKey line
Booke of Riddles? why did you not lend it toBook of Riddles? Why, did you not lend it toMW I.i.188
Alice Short-cake vpon Alhallowmas last, a fortnightAlice Shortcake upon Allhallowmas last, a fortnightMW I.i.189
afore Michaelmas.afore Michaelmas?MW I.i.190
Well Sir.Well, sir.MW I.ii.5
I: for fault of a better.Ay, for fault of a better.MW I.iv.16
I forsooth.Ay, forsooth.MW I.iv.18
No forsooth: he hath but a little wee-face; with aNo, forsooth. He hath but a little wee face, with aMW I.iv.21
little yellow Beard: a Caine colourd Beard.little yellow beard – a Cain-coloured beard.MW I.iv.22
I forsooth: but he is as tall a man of his hands,Ay, forsooth. But he is as tall a man of his handsMW I.iv.24
as any is betweene this and his head: he hath fought withas any is between this and his head. He hath fought withMW I.iv.25
a Warrener.a warrener.MW I.iv.26
Yes indeede do's he.Yes, indeed, does he.MW I.iv.30
I forsooth: to desire her to ---Ay, forsooth, to desire her to –MW I.iv.77
To desire this honest Gentlewoman (your Maid)To desire this honest gentlewoman, your maid,MW I.iv.81
to speake a good word to Mistris Anne Page, for myto speak a good word to Mistress Anne Page for myMW I.iv.82
Master in the way of Marriage.master in the way of marriage.MW I.iv.83
'Tis a great charge to'Tis a great charge toMW I.iv.96
come vnder one bodies hand.come under one body's hand.MW I.iv.97
Marry Sir, the pittie-ward, the Parke-ward:Marry, sir, the pittie-ward, the park-ward,MW III.i.5
euery way: olde Windsor way, and euery way but theevery way; Old Windsor way, and every way but theMW III.i.6 way.MW III.i.7
I will sir.I will, sir.MW III.i.10
Yonder he is comming, this way, Sir Hugh.Yonder he is, coming this way, Sir Hugh.MW III.i.26
No weapons, Sir: there comes my Master, Mr.No weapons, sir. There comes my master, MasterMW III.i.30
Shallow, and another Gentleman; from Frogmore, ouerShallow, and another gentleman, from Frogmore, overMW III.i.31
the stile, this way.the stile, this way.MW III.i.32
Marry Sir, I come to speake with Sir Iohn Falstaffe Marry, sir, I come to speak with Sir John FalstaffMW IV.v.3
from M. Slender.from Master Slender.MW IV.v.4
There's an olde woman, a fat woman gone vp intoThere's an old woman, a fat woman, gone up intoMW IV.v.10
his chamber: Ile be so bold as stay Sir till she comehis chamber. I'll be so bold as stay, sir, till she comeMW IV.v.11
downe: I come to speake with her indeed.down. I come to speak with her, indeed.MW IV.v.12
Pray you Sir, was't not the Wise-woman ofPray you, sir, was't not the wise woman ofMW IV.v.23
Brainford?Brainford?MW IV.v.24
My Master (Sir) my master Slender, sent to herMy master, sir, my Master Slender, sent to her,MW IV.v.27
seeing her go thorough the streets, to know (Sir) whetherseeing her go through the streets, to know, sir, whetherMW IV.v.28
one Nim (Sir) that beguil'd him of a chaine, had theone Nym, sir, that beguiled him of a chain, had theMW IV.v.29
chaine, or no.chain or no.MW IV.v.30
And what sayes she, I pray Sir?And what says she, I pray, sir?MW IV.v.32
I would I could haue spoken with the WomanI would I could have spoken with the womanMW IV.v.35
her selfe, I had other things to haue spoken with her too,herself. I had other things to have spoken with her too,MW IV.v.36
from him.from him.MW IV.v.37
I may not conceale them (Sir.)I may not conceal them, sir.MW IV.v.40
Why sir, they were nothing but about MistrisWhy, sir, they were nothing but about MistressMW IV.v.42
Anne Page, to know if it were my Masters fortune toAnne Page: to know if it were my master's fortune toMW IV.v.43
haue her, or no.have her or no.MW IV.v.44
What Sir?What, sir?MW IV.v.46
May I be bold to say so Sir?May I be bold to say so, sir?MW IV.v.49
I thanke your worship: I shall make my MasterI thank your worship. I shall make my masterMW IV.v.51
glad with these tydings.glad with these tidings.MW IV.v.52