Original textModern textKey line
Vnder this thicke growne brake, wee'l shrowd our selues:Under this thick-grown brake we'll shroud ourselves;3H6 III.i.1
For through this Laund anon the Deere will come,For through this laund anon the deer will come,3H6 III.i.2
And in this couert will we make our Stand,And in this covert will we make our stand,3H6 III.i.3
Culling the principall of all the Deere.Culling the principal of all the deer.3H6 III.i.4
That cannot be, the noise of thy Crosse-bowThat cannot be; the noise of thy cross-bow3H6 III.i.6
Will scarre the Heard, and so my shoot is lost:Will scare the herd, and so my shoot is lost.3H6 III.i.7
Heere stand we both, and ayme we at the best:Here stand we both, and aim we at the best;3H6 III.i.8
And for the time shall not seeme tedious,And for the time shall not seem tedious,3H6 III.i.9
Ile tell thee what befell me on a day,I'll tell thee what befell me on a day3H6 III.i.10
In this selfe-place, where now we meane to stand.In this self place where now we mean to stand.3H6 III.i.11
I, heere's a Deere, whose skin's a Keepers Fee:Ay, here's a deer whose skin's a keeper's fee:3H6 III.i.22
This is the quondam King; Let's seize vpon him.This is the quondam king; let's seize upon him.3H6 III.i.23
Forbeare a-while, wee'l heare a little more.Forbear awhile; we'll hear a little more.3H6 III.i.27
No, for we were Subiects, but while you wer kingNo, for we were subjects but while you were king.3H6 III.i.80
We are true Subiects to the king, / King Edward.We are true subjects to the King, King Edward.3H6 III.i.93
We charge you in Gods name & the Kings,We charge you in God's name, and the King's,3H6 III.i.96
To go with vs vnto the Officers.To go with us unto the officers.3H6 III.i.97