Original textModern textKey line
Why, knowes not Mountague, that of it selfe,Why, knows not Montague that of itself3H6 IV.i.39
England is safe, if true within it selfe?England is safe, if true within itself?3H6 IV.i.40
'Tis better vsing France, then trusting France:'Tis better using France than trusting France;3H6 IV.i.42
Let vs be back'd with God, and with the Seas,Let us be backed with God and with the seas3H6 IV.i.43
Which he hath giu'n for fence impregnable,Which He hath given for fence impregnable,3H6 IV.i.44
And with their helpes, onely defend our selues:And with their helps only defend ourselves;3H6 IV.i.45
In them, and in our selues, our safetie lyes.In them and in ourselves our safety lies.3H6 IV.i.46
And Hastings, as hee fauours Edwards cause.And Hastings as he favours Edward's cause!3H6 IV.i.143
To Lyn my Lord,To Lynn, my lord.3H6 IV.v.20.2
And shipt from thence to Flanders.And ship from thence to Flanders?3H6 IV.v.21
My Liege, Ile knocke once more, to summon them.My liege, I'll knock once more to summon them.3H6 IV.vii.16
Why, Master Maior, why stand you in a doubt?Why, master Mayor, why stand you in a doubt?3H6 IV.vii.27
Open the Gates, we are King Henries friends.Open the gates; we are King Henry's friends.3H6 IV.vii.28
The good old man would faine that all were wel,The good old man would fain that all were well,3H6 IV.vii.31
So 'twere not long of him: but being entred,So 'twere not 'long of him; but being entered,3H6 IV.vii.32
I doubt not I, but we shall soone perswadeI doubt not, I, but we shall soon persuade3H6 IV.vii.33
Both him, and all his Brothers, vnto reason.Both him and all his brothers unto reason.3H6 IV.vii.34
Away with scrupulous Wit, now Armes must rule.Away with scrupulous wit! Now arms must rule.3H6 IV.vii.61
Sound Trumpet, Edward shal be here proclaim'd:Sound trumpet; Edward shall be here proclaimed.3H6 IV.vii.69
Come, fellow Souldior, make thou proclamation.Come, fellow soldier, make thou proclamation.3H6 IV.vii.70
All. ALL
Long liue Edward the Fourth.Long live Edward the Fourth!3H6 IV.vii.75