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The Queene, With all the Northerne Earles and Lords,The Queen with all the northern earls and lords3H6 I.ii.49
Intend here to besiege you in your Castle.Intend here to besiege you in your castle.3H6 I.ii.50
She is hard by, with twentie thousand men:She is hard by with twenty thousand men;3H6 I.ii.51
And therefore fortifie your Hold, my Lord.And therefore fortify your hold, my lord.3H6 I.ii.52
Ah, one that was a wofull looker on,Ah, one that was a woeful looker-on3H6 II.i.45
When as the Noble Duke of Yorke was slaine,When as the noble Duke of York was slain,3H6 II.i.46
Your Princely Father, and my louing Lord.Your princely father and my loving lord.3H6 II.i.47
Enuironed he was with many foes,Environed he was with many foes,3H6 II.i.50
And stood against them, as the hope of TroyAnd stood against them, as the hope of Troy3H6 II.i.51
Against the Greekes, that would haue entred Troy.Against the Greeks that would have entered Troy.3H6 II.i.52
But Hercules himselfe must yeeld to oddes:But Hercules himself must yield to odds;3H6 II.i.53
And many stroakes, though with a little Axe,And many strokes, though with a little axe,3H6 II.i.54
Hewes downe and fells the hardest-tymber'd Oake.Hew down and fells the hardest-timbered oak.3H6 II.i.55
By many hands your Father was subdu'd,By many hands your father was subdued;3H6 II.i.56
But onely slaught'red by the irefull ArmeBut only slaughtered by the ireful arm3H6 II.i.57
Of vn-relenting Clifford, and the Queene:Of unrelenting Clifford and the Queen,3H6 II.i.58
Who crown'd the gracious Duke in high despight,Who crowned the gracious Duke in high despite,3H6 II.i.59
Laugh'd in his face: and when with griefe he wept,Laughed in his face; and when with grief he wept,3H6 II.i.60
The ruthlesse Queene gaue him, to dry his Cheekes,The ruthless Queen gave him to dry his cheeks3H6 II.i.61
A Napkin, steeped in the harmelesse bloodA napkin steeped in the harmless blood3H6 II.i.62
Of sweet young Rutland, by rough Clifford slaine:Of sweet young Rutland, by rough Clifford slain;3H6 II.i.63
And after many scornes, many foule taunts,And after many scorns, many foul taunts,3H6 II.i.64
They tooke his Head, and on the Gates of YorkeThey took his head, and on the gates of York3H6 II.i.65
They set the same, and there it doth remaine,They set the same; and there it doth remain,3H6 II.i.66
The saddest spectacle that ere I view'd.The saddest spectacle that e'er I viewed.3H6 II.i.67
The Duke of Norfolke sends you word by me,The Duke of Norfolk sends you word by me3H6 II.i.205
The Queene is comming with a puissant Hoast,The Queen is coming with a puissant host,3H6 II.i.206
And craues your company, for speedy counsell.And craves your company for speedy counsel.3H6 II.i.207
Royall Commanders, be in readinesse,Royal commanders, be in readiness;3H6 II.ii.67
For with a Band of thirty thousand men,For with a band of thirty thousand men3H6 II.ii.68
Comes Warwicke backing of the Duke of Yorke,Comes Warwick, backing of the Duke of York;3H6 II.ii.69
And in the Townes as they do march along,And in the towns, as they do march along,3H6 II.ii.70
Proclaimes him King, and many flye to him,Proclaims him king, and many fly to him.3H6 II.ii.71
Darraigne your battell, for they are at hand.Darraign your battle, for they are at hand.3H6 II.ii.72
Prepare you Lords, for Edward is at hand,Prepare you, lords, for Edward is at hand,3H6 V.iv.60
Readie to fight: therefore be resolute.Ready to fight; therefore be resolute.3H6 V.iv.61