Original textModern textKey line
And Brother, here's the Earle of Wiltshires blood,And, brother, here's the Earl of Wiltshire's blood,3H6 I.i.14
Whom I encountred as the Battels ioyn'd.Whom I encountered as the battles joined.3H6 I.i.15
Good Brother, / As thou lou'st and honorest Armes,Good brother, as thou lovest and honourest arms,3H6 I.i.116
Let's fight it out, and not stand cauilling thus.Let's fight it out and not stand cavilling thus.3H6 I.i.117
And I vnto the Sea, from whence I came.And I unto the sea from whence I came.3H6 I.i.209
But I haue reasons strong and forceable.But I have reasons strong and forcible.3H6 I.ii.3
Brother, I goe: Ile winne them, feare it not.Brother, I go; I'll win them, fear it not;3H6 I.ii.60
And thus most humbly I doe take my leaue.And thus most humbly I do take my leave.3H6 I.ii.61
Yet, to haue ioyn'd with France in such alliance,Yet, to have joined with France in such alliance3H6 IV.i.36
Would more haue strength'ned this our CommonwealthWould more have strengthened this our commonwealth3H6 IV.i.37
'Gainst forraine stormes, then any home-bred Marriage.'Gainst foreign storms than any home-bred marriage.3H6 IV.i.38
But the safer, when 'tis back'd with France.But the safer when 'tis backed with France.3H6 IV.i.41
So God helpe Mountague, as hee proues true.So God help Montague as he proves true!3H6 IV.i.142
Comfort, my Lord, and so I take my leaue.Comfort, my lord; and so I take my leave.3H6 IV.viii.28
Mountague, Mountague, for Lancaster.Montague, Montague, for Lancaster!3H6 V.i.67