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My Lord Ambassador, / These Letters are for you. My lord ambassador, these letters are for you,3H6 III.iii.163
Sent from your Brother Marquesse Montague.Sent from your brother, Marquess Montague:3H6 III.iii.164
These from our King, vnto your Maiesty. These from our King unto your majesty:3H6 III.iii.165
And Madam, these for you: / From whom, I know not.And, madam, these for you, from whom I know not.3H6 III.iii.166
My Soueraigne Liege, no Letters, & few words,My sovereign liege, no letters; and few words,3H6 IV.i.86
But such, as I (without your speciall pardon)But such as I, without your special pardon,3H6 IV.i.87
Dare not relate.Dare not relate.3H6 IV.i.88
At my depart, these were his very words:At my depart, these were his very words:3H6 IV.i.92
Goe tell false Edward, the supposed King,‘ Go tell false Edward, thy supposed king,3H6 IV.i.93
That Lewis of France is sending ouer Maskers,That Lewis of France is sending over masquers3H6 IV.i.94
To reuell it with him, and his new Bride.To revel it with him and his new bride.’3H6 IV.i.95
These were her words, vtt'red with mild disdaine:These were her words, uttered with mild disdain:3H6 IV.i.98
Tell him, in hope hee'le proue a Widower shortly,‘ Tell him, in hope he'll prove a widower shortly,3H6 IV.i.99
Ile weare the Willow Garland for his sake.I'll wear the willow garland for his sake.’3H6 IV.i.100
Tell him (quoth she) / My mourning Weedes are done,‘ Tell him,’ quoth she, ‘ my mourning weeds are done,3H6 IV.i.104
And I am readie to put Armour on.And I am ready to put armour on.’3H6 IV.i.105
He, more incens'd against your Maiestie,He, more incensed against your majesty3H6 IV.i.108
Then all the rest, discharg'd me with these words:Than all the rest, discharged me with these words:3H6 IV.i.109
Tell him from me, that he hath done me wrong,‘ Tell him from me that he hath done me wrong,3H6 IV.i.110
And therefore Ile vncrowne him, er't be long.And therefore I'll uncrown him ere't be long.’3H6 IV.i.111
I, gracious Soueraigne, / They are so link'd in friendship,Ay, gracious sovereign; they are so linked in friendship,3H6 IV.i.116
That yong Prince Edward marryes Warwicks Daughter.That young Prince Edward marries Warwick's daughter.3H6 IV.i.117
That Edward is escaped from your Brother,That Edward is escaped from your brother3H6
And fled (as hee heares since) to Burgundie.And fled, as he hears since, to Burgundy.3H6
He was conuey'd by Richard, Duke of Gloster,He was conveyed by Richard Duke of Gloucester3H6
And the Lord Hastings, who attended himAnd the Lord Hastings, who attended him3H6
In secret ambush, on the Forrest side,In secret ambush on the forest side3H6
And from the Bishops Huntsmen rescu'd him:And from the Bishop's huntsmen rescued him;3H6
For Hunting was his dayly Exercise.For hunting was his daily exercise.3H6