Original textModern textKey line
What, shall we suffer this? lets pluck him down,What! Shall we suffer this? Let's pluck him down.3H6 I.i.59
My heart for anger burnes, I cannot brooke it.My heart for anger burns; I cannot brook it.3H6 I.i.60
He is both King, and Duke of Lancaster,He is both king and Duke of Lancaster;3H6 I.i.87
And that the Lord of Westmerland shall maintaine.And that the Lord of Westmorland shall maintain.3H6 I.i.88
Plantagenet, of thee and these thy Sonnes,Plantagenet, of thee and these thy sons,3H6 I.i.95
Thy Kinsmen, and thy Friends, Ile haue more liuesThy kinsmen, and thy friends, I'll have more lives3H6 I.i.96
Then drops of bloud were in my Fathers Veines.Than drops of blood were in my father's veins.3H6 I.i.97
Base, fearefull, and despayring Henry.Base, fearful, and despairing Henry!3H6 I.i.178
I cannot stay to heare these Articles.I cannot stay to hear these articles.3H6 I.i.180
Farwell faint-hearted and degenerate King,Farewell, faint-hearted and degenerate King,3H6 I.i.183
In whose cold blood no sparke of Honor bides.In whose cold blood no spark of honour bides.3H6 I.i.184