Original textModern textKey line
Faith we may put vp our Pipes and be gone.Faith, we may put up our pipes and be gone.RJ IV.v.96
Why hearts ease;Why ‘ Heart's ease ’?RJ IV.v.102
Not a dump we, 'tis no time to playNot a dump we! 'Tis no time to playRJ IV.v.106 IV.v.107
No.No.RJ IV.v.109
What will you giue vs?What will you give us?RJ IV.v.111
Then will I giue you theThen I will give you theRJ IV.v.114
Seruing creature.serving-creature.RJ IV.v.115
And you Re vs, and Fa vs, you Note vs.An you re us and fa us, you note us.RJ IV.v.119
Mary sir, because siluer hath a sweet Marry, sir, because silver hath a sweetRJ IV.v.130
sound.sound.RJ IV.v.131
What a pestilent knaue is this same?What a pestilent knave is this same!RJ IV.v.142

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