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Anon.Anon.RJ II.iv.102
I saw no man vse you at his pleasure: if I had, myI saw no man use you at his pleasure. If I had, myRJ II.iv.154
weapon should quickly haue beene out, I warrant you,weapon should quickly have been out. I warrant you,RJ II.iv.155
I dare draw assoone as another man, if I see occasion inI dare draw as soon as another man, if I see occasion inRJ II.iv.156
a good quarrell, and the law on my side.a good quarrel, and the law on my side.RJ II.iv.157
Anon.Anon.RJ II.iv.210
Musitions, oh Musitions, / Hearts ease, heartsMusicians, O musicians, ‘ Heart's ease,’ ‘ Heart'sRJ IV.v.100
ease, / O, and you will haue me liue, play hearts ease.ease ’! O, an you will have me live, play ‘ Heart's ease.’RJ IV.v.101
O Musitions, / Because my heart it selfe plaies, myO musicians, because my heart itself plays ‘ MyRJ IV.v.103
heart is full.heart is full.’ O play me some merry dump to comfortRJ IV.v.104
me.RJ IV.v.105
You will not then?You will not then?RJ IV.v.108
I will then giue it you soundly.I will then give it you soundly.RJ IV.v.110
No money on my faith, but the gleeke. / I will giueNo money, on my faith, but the gleek. I will giveRJ IV.v.112
you the the minstrel.RJ IV.v.113
Then will I lay the seruing Creatures Dagger onThen will I lay the serving-creature's dagger onRJ IV.v.116
your pate. I will carie no Crochets, Ile Re you, Ile Fa you,your pate. I will carry no crotchets. I'll re you, I'll fa you.RJ IV.v.117
do you note me?Do you note me?RJ IV.v.118
Then haue at you with my wit. / I will drie-beate youThen have at you with my wit! I will dry-beat youRJ IV.v.122
with an yron wit, / And put vp my yron Dagger. / Answere mewith an iron wit, and put up my iron dagger. Answer meRJ IV.v.123
like men:like men.RJ IV.v.124
When griping griefes the heart doth wound,‘ When griping grief the heart doth wound,RJ IV.v.125
And doleful dumps the mind oppress,RJ IV.v.126
then Musicke with her siluer sound.Then music with her silver sound ’ –RJ IV.v.127
Why siluer sound? why Musicke with her siluer sound?Why ‘ silver sound ’? Why ‘ music with her silver sound ’?RJ IV.v.128
what say you Simon Catling?What say you, Simon Catling?RJ IV.v.129
Pratest, what say you Hugh Rebicke?Pretty! What say you, Hugh Rebeck?RJ IV.v.132
Pratest to, what say you Iames Sound-Post?Pretty too! What say you, James Soundpost?RJ IV.v.135
O I cry you mercy, you are the Singer. / I will sayO, I cry you mercy! You are the singer. I will sayRJ IV.v.137
for you; it is Musicke with her siluer sound, / Because Musitionsfor you. It is ‘ music with her silver sound ’ because musiciansRJ IV.v.138
haue no gold for sounding:have no gold for sounding.RJ IV.v.139
Then Musicke with her siluer sound,‘ Then music with her silver soundRJ IV.v.140
with speedy helpe doth lend redresse. With speedy help doth lend redress.’RJ IV.v.141

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