Original textModern textKey line
At hand quoth Pick-purse. ‘ At hand, quoth pick-purse.’1H4 II.i.49
Good morrow Master Gads-Hill, it holds Good morrow, Master Gadshill. It holds1H4 II.i.54
currant that I told you yesternight. There's a Franklin in current that I told you yesternight. There's a franklin in1H4 II.i.55
the wilde of Kent, hath brought three hundred Markes the Weald of Kent hath brought three hundred marks1H4 II.i.56
with him in Gold: I heard him tell it to one of his with him in gold – I heard him tell it to one of his1H4 II.i.57
company last night at Supper; a kinde of Auditor, one that company last night at supper, a kind of auditor, one that1H4 II.i.58
hath abundance of charge too (God knowes what) they hath abundance of charge too, God knows what. They1H4 II.i.59
are vp already, and call for Egges and Butter. They will are up already, and call for eggs and butter. They will1H4 II.i.60
away presently. away presently.1H4 II.i.61
No, Ile none of it: I prythee keep that No, I'll none of it, I pray thee keep that1H4 II.i.64
for the Hangman, for I know thou worshipst S. for the hangman, for I know thou worshippest Saint1H4 II.i.65
Nicholas as truly as a man of falshood may. Nicholas, as truly as a man of falsehood may.1H4 II.i.66
What, the Commonwealth their Bootes? What, the commonwealth their boots?1H4 II.i.84
Will she hold out water in foule way? Will she hold out water in foul way?1H4 II.i.85
Nay, I thinke rather, you are more Nay, by my faith, I think you are more1H4 II.i.89
beholding to the Night, then to the Fernseed, for your beholding to the night than to fern-seed for your1H4 II.i.90
walking inuisible. walking invisible.1H4 II.i.91
Nay, rather let mee haue it, as you are a Nay, rather let me have it as you are a1H4 II.i.94
false Theefe. false thief.1H4 II.i.95