Original textModern textKey line
Thou art the King of Honor: Thou art the king of honour.1H4 IV.i.10
No man so potent breathes vpon the ground, No man so potent breathes upon the ground1H4 IV.i.11
But I will Beard him. But I will beard him.1H4 IV.i.12.1
Faith, and so wee should, / Where now remaines Faith, and so we should, where now remains1H4 IV.i.53
a sweet reuersion. / We may boldly spend, A sweet reversion – we may boldly spend1H4 IV.i.54
vpon the hope / Of what is to come in: Upon the hope of what is to come in.1H4 IV.i.55
A comfort of retyrement liues in this. A comfort of retirement lives in this.1H4 IV.i.56
As heart can thinke: / There is not such a word As heart can think. There is not such a word1H4 IV.i.84
spoke of in Scotland, / At this Dreame of Feare. Spoke of in Scotland as this term of fear.1H4 IV.i.85
That's the worst Tidings that I heare of yet. That's the worst tidings that I hear of yet.1H4 IV.i.127
Talke not of dying, I am out of feare Talk not of dying, I am out of fear1H4 IV.i.135
Of death, or deaths hand, for this one halfe yeare. Of death or death's hand for this one half year.1H4 IV.i.136
You giue him then aduantage. You give him then advantage.1H4 IV.iii.2.1
You doe not counsaile well: You do not counsel well.1H4 IV.iii.6.2
You speake it out of feare, and cold heart. You speak it out of fear and cold heart.1H4 IV.iii.7
Yea, or to night. Yea, or tonight.1H4 IV.iii.14.2
Defie him by the Lord of Westmerland Defy him by the Lord of Westmorland.1H4 V.ii.31
Marry and shall, and verie willingly. Marry, and shall, and very willingly.1H4 V.ii.33
Arme Gentlemen, to Armes, for I haue thrown Arm, gentlemen, to arms! For I have thrown1H4 V.ii.41
A braue defiance in King Henries teeth: A brave defiance in King Henry's teeth,1H4 V.ii.42
And Westmerland that was ingag'd did beare it, And Westmorland that was engaged did bear it,1H4 V.ii.43
Which cannot choose but bring him quickly on. Which cannot choose but bring him quickly on.1H4 V.ii.44
Know then my name is Dowglas, Know then my name is Douglas,1H4 V.iii.3.2
And I do haunt thee in the Battell thus, And I do haunt thee in the battle thus1H4 V.iii.4
Because some tell me, that thou art a King. Because some tell me that thou art a king.1H4 V.iii.5
The Lord of Stafford deere to day hath bought The Lord of Stafford dear today hath bought1H4 V.iii.7
Thy likenesse: for insted of thee King Harry, Thy likeness, for instead of thee, King Harry,1H4 V.iii.8
This Sword hath ended him, so shall it thee, This sword hath ended him: so shall it thee1H4 V.iii.9
Vnlesse thou yeeld thee as a Prisoner. Unless thou yield thee as my prisoner.1H4 V.iii.10
All's done, all's won, here breathles lies the king All's done, all's won. Here breathless lies the King.1H4 V.iii.16
Heere. Here.1H4 V.iii.18
Ah foole: go with thy soule whether it goes, A fool go with thy soul, whither it goes!1H4 V.iii.22
A borrowed Title hast thou bought too deere. A borrowed title hast thou bought too dear.1H4 V.iii.23
Why didst thou tell me, that thou wer't a King? Why didst thou tell me that thou wert a king?1H4 V.iii.24
Now by my Sword, I will kill all his Coates, Now, by my sword, I will kill all his coats!1H4 V.iii.26
Ile murder all his Wardrobe peece by peece, I'll murder all his wardrobe, piece by piece,1H4 V.iii.27
Vntill I meet the King. Until I meet the King.1H4 V.iii.28.1
Another King? They grow like Hydra's heads: Another king! They grow like Hydra's heads.1H4 V.iv.24
I am the Dowglas, fatall to all those I am the Douglas, fatal to all those1H4 V.iv.25
That weare those colours on them. What art thou That wear those colours on them. What art thou,1H4 V.iv.26
That counterfeit'st the person of a King? That counterfeitest the person of a king?1H4 V.iv.27
I feare thou art another counterfeit: I fear thou art another counterfeit,1H4 V.iv.34
And yet infaith thou bear'st thee like a King: And yet, in faith, thou bearest thee like a king – 1H4 V.iv.35
But mine I am sure thou art, whoere thou be, But mine I am sure thou art, whoe'er thou be,1H4 V.iv.36
And thus I win thee. And thus I win thee.1H4 V.iv.37