Original textModern textKey line
Heigh-ho, an't be not foure by the day, Heigh-ho! An it be not four by the day1H4 II.i.1
Ile be hang'd. Charles waine is ouer the new Chimney, I'll be hanged. Charles's Wain is over the new chimney,1H4 II.i.2
and yet our horse not packt. What Ostler? and yet our horse not packed. What, Ostler!1H4 II.i.3
I prethee Tom, beate Cuts Saddle, put a I prithee, Tom, beat Cut's saddle, put a1H4 II.i.5
few Flockes in the point: the poore Iade is wrung in the withers, few flocks in the point; poor jade is wrung in the withers1H4 II.i.6
out of all cesse. out of all cess.1H4 II.i.7
Poore fellow neuer ioy'd since the price of Poor fellow never joyed since the price of1H4 II.i.12
oats rose, it was the death of him. oats rose, it was the death of him.1H4 II.i.13
Like a Tench? There is ne're a Like a tench! By the mass, there is ne'er1H4 II.i.17
King in Christendome, could be better bit, then I haue beene a king Christian could be better bit than I have been1H4 II.i.18
since the first Cocke. since the first cock.1H4 II.i.19
What Ostler, come away, and be What, Ostler! Come away and be1H4 II.i.23
hangd: come away. hanged, come away!1H4 II.i.24
The Turkies in my Pannier God's body! The turkeys in my pannier1H4 II.i.27
are quite starued. What Ostler? A plague on thee, hast are quite starved. What, Ostler! A plague on thee, hast1H4 II.i.28
thou neuer an eye in thy head? Can'st not heare? And thou never an eye in thy head? Canst not hear? An1H4 II.i.29
t'were not as good a deed as drinke, to break the pate of 'twere not as good deed as drink to break the pate on1H4 II.i.30
thee, I am a very Villaine. Come and be hang'd, hast no thee, I am a very villain. Come, and be hanged! Hast no1H4 II.i.31
faith in thee? faith in thee?1H4 II.i.32
I thinke it be two a clocke. I think it be two o'clock.1H4 II.i.34
Nay soft I pray ye, I know a trick worth Nay, by God, soft! I know a trick worth1H4 II.i.37
two of that. two of that, i'faith.1H4 II.i.38
As fat as Butter. As fat as butter.1H4 II.iv.496.2