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Anon, anon sir; looke downe into the Pomgar-net, Anon, anon, sir. Look down into the Pomgarnet,1H4 II.iv.36
Ralfe. Ralph.1H4 II.iv.37
My Lord. My lord?1H4 II.iv.39
Forsooth fiue yeares, and as much as to--- Forsooth, five years, and as much as to – 1H4 II.iv.41
Anon, anon sir. Anon, anon, sir.1H4 II.iv.43
O Lord sir, Ile be sworne vpon all the Books in O Lord, sir, I'll be sworn upon all the books in1H4 II.iv.48
England, I could finde in my heart. England, I could find in my heart – 1H4 II.iv.49
Anon, anon sir. Anon, sir.1H4 II.iv.51
Let me see, about Michaelmas next I shalbe--- Let me see, about Michaelmas next I shall be – 1H4 II.iv.53
Anon sir, pray you stay a little, my Lord. Anon, sir – pray stay a little, my lord.1H4 II.iv.55
O Lord sir, I would it had bene two. O Lord, I would it had been two!1H4 II.iv.58
Anon, anon. Anon, anon.1H4 II.iv.62
My Lord. My lord?1H4 II.iv.66
O Lord sir, who do you meane? O Lord, sir, who do you mean?1H4 II.iv.70
What sir? What, sir?1H4 II.iv.74
Anon, anon sir. Anon, anon, sir.1H4 II.iv.96