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Good-morrow Carriers. What's a clocke? Good morrow, carriers, what's o'clock?1H4 II.i.33
I prethee lend me thy Lanthorne to see my I prithee lend me thy lantern, to see my1H4 II.i.35
Gelding in the stable. gelding in the stable.1H4 II.i.36
I prethee lend me thine. I pray thee lend me thine.1H4 II.i.39
Sirra Carrier: What time do you mean to come Sirrah carrier, what time do you mean to come1H4 II.i.42
to London? to London?1H4 II.i.43
What ho, Chamberlaine? What ho! Chamberlain!1H4 II.i.48
That's euen as faire, as at hand quoth the That's even as fair as ‘ At hand, quoth the1H4 II.i.50
Chamberlaine: For thou variest no more from picking of chamberlain,’ for thou variest no more from picking of1H4 II.i.51
Purses, then giuing direction, doth from labouring. Thou purses than giving direction doth from labouring. Thou1H4 II.i.52
lay'st the plot, how. layest the plot how.1H4 II.i.53
Sirra, if they meete not with S. Nicholas Sirrah, if they meet not with Saint Nicholas'1H4 II.i.62
Clarks, Ile giue thee this necke. clerks, I'll give thee this neck.1H4 II.i.63
What talkest thou to me of the Hangman? If I What talkest thou to me of the hangman? If I1H4 II.i.67
hang, Ile make a fat payre of Gallowes. For, if I hang, old hang, I'll make a fat pair of gallows. For if I hang, old1H4 II.i.68
Sir Iohn hangs with mee, and thou know'st hee's no Sir John hangs with me, and thou knowest he is no1H4 II.i.69
Starueling. Tut, there are other Troians that yu starveling. Tut, there are other Troyans that thou1H4 II.i.70
dream'st not of, the which (for sport sake) are content to dreamest not of, the which for sport sake are content to1H4 II.i.71
doe the Profession some grace; that would (if matters do the profession some grace, that would, if matters1H4 II.i.72
should bee look'd into) for their owne Credit sake, make all should be looked into, for their own credit sake make all1H4 II.i.73
Whole. I am ioyned with no Foot-land-Rakers, No Long-staffe whole. I am joined with no foot-landrakers, no long-staff1H4 II.i.74
six-penny strikers, none of these mad Mustachio-sixpenny strikers, none of these mad mustachio1H4 II.i.75
purple-hu'd-Maltwormes, but with Nobility, and Tranquilitie; purple-hued maltworms; but with nobility and tranquillity,1H4 II.i.76
Bourgomasters, and great Oneyers, such as can Burgomasters and great O-yeas, such as can 1H4 II.i.77
holde in, such as will strike sooner then speake; and speake hold in, such as will strike sooner than speak, and speak1H4 II.i.78
sooner then drinke, and drinke sooner then pray: and yet sooner than drink, and drink sooner than pray. And yet,1H4 II.i.79
I lye, for they pray continually vnto their Saint the zounds, I lie; for they pray continually to their saint the1H4 II.i.80
Common-wealth; or rather, not to pray to her, but prey on commonwealth, or rather not pray to her, but prey on1H4 II.i.81
her: for they ride vp & downe on her, and make hir her, for they ride up and down on her, and make her1H4 II.i.82
their Boots. their boots.1H4 II.i.83
She will, she will; Iustice hath liquor'd her. She will, she will, justice hath liquored her.1H4 II.i.86
We steale as in a Castle, cocksure: we haue the receit We steal as in a castle, cock-sure. We have the receipt1H4 II.i.87
of Fern-seede, we walke inuisible. of fern-seed, we walk invisible.1H4 II.i.88
Giue me thy hand. Thou shalt haue a share in Give me thy hand, thou shalt have a share in1H4 II.i.92
our purpose, / As I am a true man. our purchase, as I am a true man.1H4 II.i.93
Goe too: Homo is a common name to all men. Go to, homo is a common name to all men.1H4 II.i.96
Bid the Ostler bring the Gelding out of the stable. Bid the Ostler bring my gelding out of the stable.1H4 II.i.97
Farewell, ye muddy Knaue.Farewell, you muddy knave.1H4 II.i.98
Stand. Stand!1H4 II.ii.47
There's enough to make vs all. There's enough to make us all – 1H4 II.ii.56
Some eight or ten. Some eight or ten.1H4 II.ii.62
Stay. Stand!1H4 II.ii.80
We foure set vpon some dozen. We four set upon some dozen – 1H4 II.iv.169
And bound them. And bound them.1H4 II.iv.171
As we were sharing, some sixe or seuen fresh As we were sharing, some six or seven fresh1H4 II.iv.175
men set vpon vs. men set upon us – 1H4 II.iv.176