Original textModern textKey line
My Lord.My lord – 1H4 I.iii.13.2
Yea, my good Lord.Yea, my good lord.1H4 I.iii.21.2
Those Prisoners in your Highnesse demanded,Those prisoners in your highness' name demanded,1H4 I.iii.22
Which Harry Percy heere at Holmedon tooke,Which Harry Percy here at Holmedon took,1H4 I.iii.23
Were (as he sayes) not with such strength deniedWere, as he says, not with such strength denied1H4 I.iii.24
As was deliuered to your Maiesty:As is delivered to your majesty.1H4 I.iii.25
Who either through enuy, or misprision,Either envy therefore, or misprision,1H4 I.iii.26
Was guilty of this fault; and not my Sonne.Is guilty of this fault, and not my son.1H4 I.iii.27
What? drunke with choller? stay & pause awhile,What? Drunk with choler? Stay, and pause awhile,1H4 I.iii.127
Heere comes your Vnckle.Here comes your uncle.1H4 I.iii.128.1
Brother, the King hath made your Nephew madBrother, the King hath made your nephew mad.1H4 I.iii.136
He was: I heard the Proclamation,He was, I heard the proclamation.1H4 I.iii.145
And then it was, when the vnhappy KingAnd then it was, when the unhappy King – 1H4 I.iii.146
(Whose wrongs in vs God pardon) did set forthWhose wrongs in us God pardon! – did set forth1H4 I.iii.147
Vpon his Irish Expedition:Upon his Irish expedition;1H4 I.iii.148
From whence he intercepted, did returneFrom whence he, intercepted, did return1H4 I.iii.149
To be depos'd, and shortly murthered.To be deposed, and shortly murdered.1H4 I.iii.150
He did, my selfe did heare it.He did, myself did hear it.1H4 I.iii.155.2
Imagination of some great exploit,Imagination of some great exploit1H4 I.iii.197
Driues him beyond the bounds of Patience.Drives him beyond the bounds of patience.1H4 I.iii.198
Why what a Waspe-tongu'd & impatient fooleWhy, what a wasp-stung and impatient fool1H4 I.iii.233
Art thou, to breake into this Womans mood,Art thou to break into this woman's mood,1H4 I.iii.234
Tying thine eare to no tongue but thine owne?Tying thine ear to no tongue but thine own!1H4 I.iii.235
At Barkley Castle.At Berkeley Castle.1H4 I.iii.245
Before the game's a-foot, thou still let'st slip.Before the game is afoot thou still lettest slip.1H4 I.iii.272
Farewell good Brother, we shall thriue, I trust.Farewell, good brother. We shall thrive, I trust.1H4 I.iii.294