Original textModern textKey line
But how many be of them? How many be there of them?1H4 II.ii.61
Stay. Stand!1H4 II.ii.80
No, no, they were not bound. No, no, they were not bound.1H4 II.iv.172
Why, he hackt it with his Dagger, and said, hee Why, he hacked it with his dagger, and said he1H4 II.iv.298
would sweare truth out of England, but hee would make would swear truth out of England but he would make1H4 II.iv.299
you beleeue it was done in fight, and perswaded vs to doe you believe it was done in fight, and persuaded us to do1H4 II.iv.300
the like. the like.1H4 II.iv.301
Falstaffe? fast asleepe behinde the Arras, and snorting Falstaff! Fast asleep behind the arras, and snorting1H4 II.iv.513
like a Horse. snorting like a horse.1H4 II.iv.514
Nothing but Papers, my Lord. Nothing but papers, my lord.1H4 II.iv.518
Item, a Capon. ii.s.ii.d. Item a capon . . . . 2s. 2d.1H4 II.iv.520
Item, Sawce iiii.d. Item sauce . . . . . 4d.1H4 II.iv.521
Item, Sacke, two Gallons. v.s.viii.d. Item sack two gallons . . . 5s. 8d.1H4 II.iv.522
Item, Anchoues and Sacke after Supper. Item anchovies and sack after supper 2s. 6d.1H4 II.iv.523
Item, Bread. ob. Item bread . . . . . ob.1H4 II.iv.524
Good morrow, good my Lord.Good morrow, good my lord.1H4 II.iv.534