Original textModern textKey line
Pease and Beanes are as danke here as a Peas and beans are as dank here as a 1H4 II.i.8
Dog, and this is the next way to giue poore Iades the Bottes: dog, and that is the next way to give poor jades the bots.1H4 II.i.9
This house is turned vpside downe since Robin the Ostler This house is turned upside down since Robin Ostler1H4 II.i.10
dyed. died.1H4 II.i.11
I thinke this is the most villanous I think this be the most villainous1H4 II.i.14
house in al London rode for Fleas: I am stung like a house in all London road for fleas, I am stung like a1H4 II.i.15
Tench. tench.1H4 II.i.16
Why, you will allow vs ne're a Why, they will allow us ne'er a1H4 II.i.20
Iourden, and then we leake in your Chimney: and your jordan, and then we leak in your chimney, and your 1H4 II.i.21
Chamber-lye breeds Fleas like a Loach. chamber-lye breeds fleas like a loach.1H4 II.i.22
I haue a Gammon of Bacon, and two I have a gammon of bacon, and two1H4 II.i.25
razes of Ginger, to be deliuered as farre as Charing-crosse. razes of ginger, to be delivered as far as Charing Cross.1H4 II.i.26
I, when, canst tell? Lend mee thy Ay, when? Canst tell? Lend me thy1H4 II.i.40
Lanthorne (quoth-a) marry Ile see thee hang'd first. lantern, quoth he! Marry, I'll see thee hanged first.1H4 II.i.41
Time enough to goe to bed with a Time enough to go to bed with a1H4 II.i.44
Candle, I warrant thee. Come neighbour Mugges, wee'll candle, I warrant thee! Come, neighbour Mugs, we'll1H4 II.i.45
call vp the Gentlemen, they will along with company, for call up the gentlemen, they will along with company, for1H4 II.i.46
they haue great charge.they have great charge.1H4 II.i.47