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My Liege: This haste was hot in question,My liege, this haste was hot in question,1H4 I.i.34
And many limits of the Charge set downeAnd many limits of the charge set down1H4 I.i.35
But yesternight: when all athwart there cameBut yesternight, when all athwart there came1H4 I.i.36
A Post from Wales, loaden with heauy Newes;A post from Wales, loaden with heavy news,1H4 I.i.37
Whose worst was, That the Noble Mortimer,Whose worst was that the noble Mortimer – 1H4 I.i.38
Leading the men of Herefordshire to fightLeading the men of Herefordshire to fight1H4 I.i.39
Against the irregular and wilde Glendower,Against the irregular and wild Glendower – 1H4 I.i.40
Was by the rude hands of that Welshman taken,Was by the rude hands of that Welshman taken,1H4 I.i.41
And a thousand of his people butchered:A thousand of his people butchered,1H4 I.i.42
Vpon whose dead corpes there was such misuse,Upon whose dead corpses there was such misuse,1H4 I.i.43
Such beastly, shamelesse transformation,Such beastly shameless transformation1H4 I.i.44
By those Welshwomen done, as may not beBy those Welshwomen done, as may not be1H4 I.i.45
(Without much shame) re-told or spoken of.Without much shame retold or spoken of.1H4 I.i.46
This matcht with other like, my gracious Lord,This matched with other did, my gracious lord,1H4 I.i.49
Farre more vneuen and vnwelcome NewesFor more uneven and unwelcome news1H4 I.i.50
Came from the North, and thus it did report:Came from the north, and thus it did import.1H4 I.i.51
On Holy-roode day, the gallant Hotspurre there,On Holy-rood day, the gallant Hotspur there,1H4 I.i.52
Young Harry Percy, and braue Archibald,Young Harry Percy, and brave Archibald,1H4 I.i.53
That euer-valiant and approoued Scot,That ever valiant and approved Scot,1H4 I.i.54
At Holmeden met, where they did spendAt Holmedon met, where they did spend1H4 I.i.55
A sad and bloody houre:A sad and bloody hour – 1H4 I.i.56
As by discharge of their Artillerie,As by discharge of their artillery,1H4 I.i.57
And shape of likely-hood the newes was told:And shape of likelihood, the news was told;1H4 I.i.58
For he that brought them, in the very heateFor he that brought them, in the very heat1H4 I.i.59
And pride of their contention, did take horse,And pride of their contention did take horse,1H4 I.i.60
Vncertaine of the issue any way.Uncertain of the issue any way.1H4 I.i.61
InfaithIn faith,1H4 I.i.75.2
it is. / A Conquest for a Prince to boast of.It is a conquest for a prince to boast of.1H4 I.i.76
This is his Vnckles teaching. This is WorcesterThis is his uncle's teaching. This is Worcester,1H4 I.i.95
Maleuolent to you in all Aspects:Malevolent to you in all aspects,1H4 I.i.96
Which makes him prune himselfe, and bristle vpWhich makes him prune himself, and bristle up1H4 I.i.97
The crest of Youth against your Dignity.The crest of youth against your dignity.1H4 I.i.98
I will my Liege.I will, my liege.1H4 I.i.107
'Faith, Sir Iohn, 'tis more then time that Faith, Sir John, 'tis more than time that1H4 IV.ii.52
I were there, and you too: but my Powers are there I were there, and you too, but my powers are there1H4 IV.ii.53
alreadie. The King, I can tell you, lookes for vs all: we must already. The King I can tell you looks for us all, we must1H4 IV.ii.54
away all to Night. away all night.1H4 IV.ii.55
I, but Sir Iohn, me thinkes they are Ay, but Sir John, methinks they are1H4 IV.ii.66
exceeding poore and bare, too beggarly. exceeding poor and bare, too beggarly.1H4 IV.ii.67
Hee is, Sir Iohn, I feare wee shall stay He is, Sir John: I fear we shall stay1H4 IV.ii.75
too long. too long.1H4 IV.ii.76
Come my Lord, Ile leade you to your Tent. Come, my lord, I'll lead you to your tent.1H4 V.iv.8