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Come and get thee a sword, though made of a Lath, Come, and get thee a sword, though made of a lath;2H6 IV.ii.1
they haue bene vp these two dayes.they have been up these two days.2H6 IV.ii.2
I tell thee, Iacke Cade the Cloathier, meanes to dresse I tell thee, Jack Cade the clothier means to dress2H6 IV.ii.4
the Common-wealth and turne it, and set a new nap the commonwealth, and turn it, and set a new nap2H6 IV.ii.5
vpon it.upon it.2H6 IV.ii.6
O miserable Age: Vertue is not regarded inO miserable age! Virtue is not regarded in2H6 IV.ii.10
Handy-crafts men.handicraftsmen.2H6 IV.ii.11
Nay more, the Kings Councell are no goodNay, more; the King's Council are no good2H6 IV.ii.13
Workemen.workmen.2H6 IV.ii.14
Thou hast hit it: for there's no better signe of aThou hast hit it; for there's no better sign of a2H6 IV.ii.19
braue minde, then a hard hand.brave mind than a hard hand.2H6 IV.ii.20
Hee shall haue the skinnes of our enemies, to make He shall have the skin of our enemies to make2H6 IV.ii.23
Dogges Leather's leather of.2H6 IV.ii.24
Then is sin strucke downe like an Oxe, and iniquities Then is sin struck down like an ox, and iniquity's2H6 IV.ii.26
throate cut like a Calfe.throat cut like a calf.2H6 IV.ii.27
Argo, their thred of life is spun.Argo, their thread of life is spun.2H6 IV.ii.29
All. ALL
God saue your Maiesty.God save your majesty!2H6 IV.ii.67
All. ALL
He hath confest: away with him: he's a VillaineHe hath confessed: away with him! He's a villain2H6 IV.ii.99
and a Traitor.and a traitor.2H6 IV.ii.100
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I marry will we: therefore get ye gone.Ay, marry, will we; therefore get ye gone.2H6 IV.ii.144
All. ALL
No, no, and therefore wee'l haue his head.No, no; and therefore we'll have his head.2H6 IV.ii.163
O monstrous Coward! What, to come behinde Folkes?O monstrous coward! What, to come behind folks?2H6 IV.vii.77
All. ALL
It shall be done.It shall be done.2H6 IV.vii.106
All. ALL
O braue.O, brave!2H6 IV.vii.121
All. ALL
God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.viii.18
All. ALL
Wee'l follow Cade, Wee'l follow Cade.We'll follow Cade! We'll follow Cade!2H6 IV.viii.32
All. ALL
A Clifford, a Clifford, / Wee'l follow the King, and À Clifford! À Clifford! We'll follow the King and2H6 IV.viii.52
Clifford.Clifford.2H6 IV.viii.53
All. ALL
God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.ix.22

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