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They haue the more neede to sleepe now then.They have the more need to sleep now then.2H6 IV.ii.3
So he had need, for 'tis thred-bare. Well, I So he had need, for 'tis threadbare. Well, I2H6 IV.ii.7
say, it was neuer merrie world in England, since Gentlemensay it was never merry world in England since gentlemen2H6 IV.ii.8
came vp.came up.2H6 IV.ii.9
The Nobilitie thinke scorne to goe in Leather Aprons.The nobility think scorn to go in leather aprons.2H6 IV.ii.12
True: and yet it is said, Labour in thy True; and yet it is said ‘ Labour in thy2H6 IV.ii.15
Vocation: which is as much to say, as let the Magistrates vocation;’ which is as much to say as ‘ Let the magistrates2H6 IV.ii.16
be labouring men, and therefore should we be labouring men;’ and therefore should we2H6 IV.ii.17
be Magistrates.be magistrates.2H6 IV.ii.18
I see them, I see them: There's Bests Sonne,I see them, I see them! There's Best's son,2H6 IV.ii.21
the Tanner of Wingham.the tanner of Wingham.2H6 IV.ii.22
And Dicke the Butcher.And Dick the butcher.2H6 IV.ii.25
And Smith the Weauer.And Smith the weaver.2H6 IV.ii.28
Come, come, let's fall in with them.Come, come, let's fall in with them.2H6 IV.ii.30
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God saue your Maiesty.God save your majesty!2H6 IV.ii.67
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He hath confest: away with him: he's a VillaineHe hath confessed: away with him! He's a villain2H6 IV.ii.99
and a Traitor.and a traitor.2H6 IV.ii.100
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I marry will we: therefore get ye gone.Ay, marry, will we; therefore get ye gone.2H6 IV.ii.144
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No, no, and therefore wee'l haue his head.No, no; and therefore we'll have his head.2H6 IV.ii.163
Masse 'twill be sore Law then, for he wasMass, 'twill be sore law then, for he was2H6 IV.vii.7
thrust in the mouth with a Speare, and 'tis not whole yet.thrust in the mouth with a spear, and 'tis not whole yet.2H6 IV.vii.8
Then we are like to haue biting StatutesThen we are like to have biting statutes,2H6 IV.vii.14
Vnlesse his teeth be pull'd out.unless his teeth be pulled out.2H6 IV.vii.15
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It shall be done.It shall be done.2H6 IV.vii.106
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O braue.O, brave!2H6 IV.vii.121
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God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.viii.18
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Wee'l follow Cade, Wee'l follow Cade.We'll follow Cade! We'll follow Cade!2H6 IV.viii.32
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A Clifford, a Clifford, / Wee'l follow the King, and À Clifford! À Clifford! We'll follow the King and2H6 IV.viii.52
Clifford.Clifford.2H6 IV.viii.53
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God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.ix.22