Original textModern textKey line
Here a comes me thinkes, and the Queene with him: Here a' comes, methinks, and the Queen with him.2H6 I.iii.6
Ile be the first sure.I'll be the first, sure.2H6 I.iii.7
Against my Master Thomas Against my master, Thomas2H6 I.iii.24
Horner, for saying, / That the Duke of Yorke was rightfull Horner, for saying that the Duke of York was rightful2H6 I.iii.25
Heire to the Crowne.heir to the crown.2H6 I.iii.26
That my Mistresse was? No forsooth: my Master said, That my master was? No, forsooth; my master said2H6 I.iii.29
That he was, and that the King was an Vsurper.that he was, and that the King was an usurper.2H6 I.iii.30
By these tenne bones, my Lords, hee did speake them By these ten bones, my lords, he did speak them2H6 I.iii.188
to me in the Garret one Night, as wee were scowring my to me in the garret one night as we were scouring my2H6 I.iii.189
Lord of Yorkes Armor.lord of York's armour.2H6 I.iii.190
Alas, my Lord, I cannot fight; for Gods sakeAlas, my lord, I cannot fight; for God's sake,2H6 I.iii.211
pitty my case: the spight of man preuayleth against me. O pity my case. The spite of man prevaileth against me. O2H6 I.iii.212
Lord haue mercy vpon me, I shall neuer be able to fight Lord, have mercy upon me! I never shall be able to fight2H6 I.iii.213
a blow: O Lord my heart.a blow. O Lord, my heart!2H6 I.iii.214
I thanke you all: drinke, and pray for me, I pray you, I thank you all. Drink, and pray for me, I pray you,2H6 II.iii.72
for I thinke I haue taken my last Draught in this World. for I think I have taken my last draught in this world.2H6 II.iii.73
Here Robin, and if I dye, I giue thee my Aporne; and Here, Robin, an if I die, I give thee my apron; and,2H6 II.iii.74
Will, thou shalt haue my Hammer: and here Tom,Will, thou shalt have my hammer; and here, Tom,2H6 II.iii.75
take all the Money that I haue. O Lord blesse me, I praytake all the money that I have. O Lord bless me, I pray2H6 II.iii.76
God, for I am neuer able to deale with my Master, hee hath God, for I am never able to deal with my master, he hath2H6 II.iii.77
learnt so much fence already.learnt so much fence already.2H6 II.iii.78
Peter forsooth.Peter, forsooth.2H6 II.iii.81
Thumpe.Thump.2H6 II.iii.83
O God, haue I ouercome mine Enemies in thisO God, have I overcome mine enemies in this2H6 II.iii.96
presence? O Peter, thou hast preuayl'd in right.presence? O Peter, thou hast prevailed in right!2H6 II.iii.97

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