Original textModern textKey line
Borne blinde, and't please your Grace.Born blind, an't please your grace.2H6 II.i.75
At Barwick in the North, and't like your Grace.At Berwick in the north, an't like your grace.2H6 II.i.82
God knowes of pure Deuotion, / Being call'd God knows, of pure devotion, being called2H6 II.i.88
a hundred times, and oftner, / In my sleepe, A hundred times and oftener, in my sleep,2H6 II.i.89
by good Saint Albon: / Who said; Symon, come; By good Saint Alban, who said ‘ Simon, come;2H6 II.i.90
come offer at my Shrine, / And I will helpe thee.Come, offer at my shrine, and I will help thee.’2H6 II.i.91
I, God Almightie helpe me.Ay, God Almighty help me!2H6 II.i.94.2
A fall off of a Tree.A fall off of a tree.2H6 II.i.95.2
O borne so, Master.O, born so, master.2H6 II.i.97.1
But that in all my life, when I was a youth.But that in all my life, when I was a youth.2H6 II.i.98
Alas, good Master, my Wife desired someAlas, good master, my wife desired some damsons,2H6 II.i.101
Damsons, and made me climbe, with danger of my Life.And made me climb with danger of my life.2H6 II.i.102
Yes Master, cleare as day, I thanke God andYes, master, clear as day, I thank God and2H6 II.i.106
Saint Albones.Saint Alban.2H6 II.i.107
Red Master, Red as Blood.Red, master, red as blood.2H6 II.i.109
Black forsooth, Coale-Black, as Iet.Black, forsooth, coal-black as jet.2H6 II.i.111
Alas Master, I know not.Alas, master, I know not.2H6 II.i.117
I know not.I know not.2H6 II.i.119
No indeede, Master.No indeed, master.2H6 II.i.121
Saunder Simpcoxe, and if it please you, Master.Saunder Simpcox, an if it please you, master.2H6 II.i.123
O Master, that you could?O master, that you could!2H6 II.i.132
Alas Master, I am not able to stand alone:Alas, master, I am not able to stand alone. You2H6 II.i.141
You goe about to torture me in vaine.go about to torture me in vain.2H6 II.i.142
Alas Master, what shall I doe? I am not able Alas, master, what shall I do? I am not able2H6 II.i.148
to stand.2H6 II.i.149

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