Original textModern textKey line
Long liue Qu. Margaret, Englands happines.Long live Queen Margaret, England's happiness!2H6 I.i.37
Cosin of Buckingham, though Humfries prideCousin of Buckingham, though Humphrey's pride2H6 I.i.170
And greatnesse of his place be greefe to vs,And greatness of his place be grief to us,2H6 I.i.171
Yet let vs watch the haughtie Cardinall,Yet let us watch the haughty Cardinal;2H6 I.i.172
His insolence is more intollerableHis insolence is more intolerable2H6 I.i.173
Then all the Princes in the Land beside,Than all the princes' in the land beside.2H6 I.i.174
If Gloster be displac'd, hee'l be Protector.If Gloucester be displaced, he'll be Protector.2H6 I.i.175
If Somerset be vnworthy of the Place,If Somerset be unworthy of the place,2H6 I.iii.103
Let Yorke be Regent, I will yeeld to him.Let York be Regent. I will yield to him.2H6 I.iii.104
Thy sumptuous Buildings, and thy Wiues AttyreThy sumptuous buildings and thy wife's attire2H6 I.iii.128
Haue cost a masse of publique Treasurie.Have cost a mass of public treasury.2H6 I.iii.129
I humbly thanke your Royall Maiestie.I humbly thank your royal majesty.2H6 I.iii.209
All health vnto my gracious Soueraigne.All health unto my gracious sovereign!2H6 III.i.82
That all your Interest in those Territories,That all your interest in those territories2H6 III.i.84
Is vtterly bereft you: all is lost.Is utterly bereft you; all is lost.2H6 III.i.85
If Yorke, with all his farre-fet pollicie,If York, with all his far-fet policy,2H6 III.i.293
Had beene the Regent there, in stead of me,Had been the Regent there instead of me,2H6 III.i.294
He neuer would haue stay'd in France so long.He never would have stayed in France so long.2H6 III.i.295
And in the number, thee, that wishest shame.And, in the number, thee that wishest shame!2H6 III.i.308
Rere vp his Body, wring him by the Nose.Rear up his body; wring him by the nose.2H6 III.ii.34
My Lord,My lord,2H6 IV.ix.41
Ile yeelde my selfe to prison willingly,I'll yield myself to prison willingly,2H6 IV.ix.42
Or vnto death, to do my Countrey good.Or unto death, to do my country good.2H6 IV.ix.43
O monstrous Traitor! I arrest thee YorkeO monstrous traitor! I arrest thee, York,2H6 V.i.106
Of Capitall Treason 'gainst the King and Crowne:Of capital treason 'gainst the King and crown.2H6 V.i.107
Obey audacious Traitor, kneele for Grace.Obey, audacious traitor; kneel for grace.2H6 V.i.108