Original textModern textKey line
Rebellious Hinds, the filth and scum of Kent,Rebellious hinds, the filth and scum of Kent,2H6 IV.ii.114
Mark'd for the Gallowes: Lay your Weapons downe,Marked for the gallows, lay your weapons down;2H6 IV.ii.115
Home to your Cottages: forsake this Groome.Home to your cottages, forsake this groom.2H6 IV.ii.116
The King is mercifull, if you reuolt.The King is merciful, if you revolt.2H6 IV.ii.117
Villaine, thy Father was a Playsterer,Villain, thy father was a plasterer;2H6 IV.ii.124
And thou thy selfe a Sheareman, art thou not?And thou thyself a shearman, art thou not?2H6 IV.ii.125
I sir.Ay, sir.2H6 IV.ii.129
And will you credit this base Drudges Wordes,And will you credit this base drudge's words,2H6 IV.ii.142
that speakes he knowes not what.That speaks he knows not what?2H6 IV.ii.143
O grosse and miserable ignorance.O gross and miserable ignorance!2H6 IV.ii.159
Herald away, and throughout euery Towne,Herald, away! And throughout every town2H6 IV.ii.166
Proclaime them Traitors that are vp with Cade,Proclaim them traitors that are up with Cade;2H6 IV.ii.167
That those which flye before the battell ends,That those which fly before the battle ends2H6 IV.ii.168
May euen in their Wiues and Childrens sight,May, even in their wives' and children's sight,2H6 IV.ii.169
Be hang'd vp for example at their doores:Be hanged up for example at their doors.2H6 IV.ii.170
And you that be the Kings Friends follow me. And you that be the King's friends, follow me.2H6 IV.ii.171