Original textModern textKey line
The Clymat's delicate, the Ayre most sweet,The climate's delicate, the air most sweet,WT III.i.1
Fertile the Isle, the Temple much surpassingFertile the isle, the temple much surpassingWT III.i.2
The common prayse it beares.The common praise it bears.WT III.i.3.1
But of all, the burstBut of all, the burstWT III.i.8.2
And the eare-deaff'ning Voyce o'th' Oracle,And the ear-deaf'ning voice o'th' oracle,WT III.i.9
Kin to Ioues Thunder, so surpriz'd my Sence,Kin to Jove's thunder, so surprised my senseWT III.i.10
That I was nothing.That I was nothing.WT III.i.11.1
Great ApolloGreat ApolloWT III.i.14.2
Turne all to th' best: these Proclamations,Turn all to th' best! These proclamations,WT III.i.15
So forcing faults vpon Hermione,So forcing faults upon Hermione,WT III.i.16
I little like.I little like.WT III.i.17.1
All this we sweare.All this we swear.WT III.ii.129.2
Sir, you haue done enough, and haue perform'dSir, you have done enough, and have performedWT V.i.1
A Saint-like Sorrow: No fault could you make,A saint-like sorrow. No fault could you makeWT V.i.2
Which you haue not redeem'd; indeed pay'd downeWhich you have not redeemed; indeed, paid downWT V.i.3
More penitence, then done trespas: At the lastMore penitence than done trespass. At the last,WT V.i.4
Doe, as the Heauens haue done; forget your euill,Do as the heavens have done, forget your evil;WT V.i.5
With them, forgiue your selfe.With them forgive yourself.WT V.i.6.1
Not at all, good Lady:Not at all, good lady.WT V.i.20.2
You might haue spoken a thousand things, that wouldYou might have spoken a thousand things that wouldWT V.i.21
Haue done the time more benefit, and grac'dHave done the time more benefit and gracedWT V.i.22
Your kindnesse better.Your kindness better.WT V.i.23.1
You tempt him ouer-much.You tempt him over-much.WT V.i.73.1
Good Madame, Good madam – WT V.i.75.2