Original textModern textKey line
I was by at the opening of the Farthell, I was by at the opening of the fardel,WT V.ii.3
heard the old Shepheard deliuer the manner how he heard the old shepherd deliver the manner how heWT V.ii.4
found it: Whereupon (after a little amazednesse) we were found it; whereupon, after a little amazedness, we wereWT V.ii.5
all commanded out of the Chamber: onely this (me thought) all commanded out of the chamber. Only this methoughtWT V.ii.6
I heard the Shepheard say, he found the Child.I heard the shepherd say: he found the child.WT V.ii.7
I make a broken deliuerie of the I make a broken delivery of theWT V.ii.9
Businesse; but the changes I perceiued in the King, and business; but the changes I perceived in the King andWT V.ii.10
Camillo, were very Notes of admiration: they seem'd Camillo were very notes of admiration. They seemedWT V.ii.11
almost, with staring on one another, to teare the Cases of almost, with staring on one another, to tear the cases ofWT V.ii.12
their Eyes. There was speech in their dumbnesse, Language their eyes. There was speech in their dumbness, languageWT V.ii.13
in their very gesture: they look'd as they had in their very gesture. They looked as they hadWT V.ii.14
heard of a World ransom'd, or one destroyed: a notable heard of a world ransomed, or one destroyed. A notableWT V.ii.15
passion of Wonder appeared in them: but the wisest passion of wonder appeared in them; but the wisestWT V.ii.16
beholder, that knew no more but seeing, could not say, if beholder that knew no more but seeing could not say ifWT V.ii.17
th' importance were Ioy, or Sorrow; but in the extremitie th' importance were joy or sorrow: but in the extremityWT V.ii.18
of the one, it must needs be. of the one it must needs be.WT V.ii.19
Here comes a Gentleman, that happily knowes more: The Here comes a gentleman that haply knows more. TheWT V.ii.20
Newes,, Rogero?WT V.ii.21
What became of his Barke, and his What became of his bark and hisWT V.ii.65
Followers?followers?WT V.ii.66
The Dignitie of this Act was worth The dignity of this act was worthWT V.ii.77
the audience of Kings and Princes, for by such was it the audience of kings and princes, for by such was itWT V.ii.78
acted.acted.WT V.ii.79
Are they returned to the Court?Are they returned to the court?WT V.ii.91
Who would be thence, that ha's the Who would be thence that has theWT V.ii.107
benefit of Accesse? euery winke of an Eye, some new Gracebenefit of access? Every wink of an eye some new graceWT V.ii.108
will be borne: our Absence makes vs vnthriftie to ourwill be born. Our absence makes us unthrifty to ourWT V.ii.109
Knowledge. Let's along. knowledge. Let's along.WT V.ii.110