Original textModern textKey line
One that giues out himselfe Prince Florizell,One that gives out himself Prince Florizel,WT V.i.85
Sonne of Polixenes, with his Princesse (sheSon of Polixenes, with his princess – sheWT V.i.86
The fairest I haue yet beheld) desires accesseThe fairest I have yet beheld – desires accessWT V.i.87
To your high presence.To your high presence.WT V.i.88.1
But few,But few,WT V.i.92.2
And those but meane.And those but mean.WT V.i.93.1
I: the most peerelesse peece of Earth, I thinke,Ay, the most peerless piece of earth, I think,WT V.i.94
That ere the Sunne shone bright on.That e'er the sun shone bright on.WT V.i.95.1
Pardon, Madame:Pardon, madam.WT V.i.103.2
The one, I haue almost forgot (your pardon:)The one I have almost forgot – your pardon;WT V.i.104
The other, when she ha's obtayn'd your Eye,The other, when she has obtained your eyeWT V.i.105
Will haue your Tongue too. This is a Creature,Will have your tongue too. This is a creature,WT V.i.106
Would she begin a Sect, might quench the zealeWould she begin a sect, might quench the zealWT V.i.107
Of all Professors else; make ProselytesOf all professors else, make proselytesWT V.i.108
Of who she but bid follow.Of who she but bid follow.WT V.i.109.1
Women will loue her, that she is a WomanWomen will love her that she is a womanWT V.i.110
More worth then any Man: Men, that she isMore worth than any man; men that she isWT V.i.111
The rarest of all Women.The rarest of all women.WT V.i.112.1