Original textModern textKey line
Now in good time.Now, in good time!WT IV.iv.165
I was promis'd them against the Feast, but theyI was promised them against the feast, but theyWT IV.iv.235
come not too late now.come not too late now.WT IV.iv.236
He hath paid you all he promis'd you: 'May be he He hath paid you all he promised you; may be heWT IV.iv.239
has paid you more, which will shame you to giue himhas paid you more, which will shame you to give himWT IV.iv.240
againe.again.WT IV.iv.241
I haue done; Come you promis'd me a tawdry-lace, I have done. Come, you promised me a tawdry-laceWT IV.iv.248
and a paire of sweet Gloues.and a pair of sweet gloves.WT IV.iv.249
Pray now buy some: I loue a ballet in print, a life, Pray now, buy some. I love a ballad in print a-life,WT IV.iv.258
for then we are sure they are true.for then we are sure they are true.WT IV.iv.259
Is it true, thinke you?Is it true, think you?WT IV.iv.264
'Pray you now buy it.Pray you now, buy it.WT IV.iv.270
Let's haue some merry ones.Let's have some merry ones.WT IV.iv.285
We can both sing it: if thou'lt beare a part, thouWe can both sing it. If thou'lt bear a part, thouWT IV.iv.290
shalt heare, 'tis in three parts.shalt hear; 'tis in three parts.WT IV.iv.291
O whether?O whither?WT IV.iv.297.2
It becomes thy oath full well,It becomes thy oath full wellWT IV.iv.298
Thou to me thy secrets tell.Thou to me thy secrets tell.WT IV.iv.299
Or thou goest to th' Grange, or Mill,Or thou go'st to th' grange or mill.WT IV.iv.301
Thou hast sworne it more to mee.Thou hast sworn it more to me.WT IV.iv.305
Then whether goest? Say whether?Then whither go'st? Say, whither?WT IV.iv.306