Original textModern textKey line
My Lord.My lord?WT II.iii.9.2
He tooke good rest to night: He took good rest tonight.WT II.iii.10.2
'tis hop'd / His sicknesse is discharg'd.'Tis hoped his sickness is discharged.WT II.iii.11
Madam; he hath not slept to night, commandedMadam, he hath not slept tonight, commandedWT II.iii.31
None should come at him.None should come at him.WT II.iii.32.1
Please' your Highnesse, PostsPlease your highness, postsWT II.iii.192.2
From those you sent to th' Oracle, are comeFrom those you sent to th' oracle are comeWT II.iii.193
An houre since: Cleomines and Dion,An hour since: Cleomenes and Dion,WT II.iii.194
Being well arriu'd from Delphos, are both landed,Being well arrived from Delphos, are both landed,WT II.iii.195
Hasting to th' Court.Hasting to th' court.WT II.iii.196.1
My Lord the King: the King?My lord the King, the King!WT III.ii.140.1
O Sir, I shall be hated to report it.O sir, I shall be hated to report it:WT III.ii.141
The Prince your Sonne, with meere conceit, and feareThe Prince your son, with mere conceit and fearWT III.ii.142
Of the Queenes speed, is gone.Of the Queen's speed, is gone.WT III.ii.143.1
Is dead.Is dead.WT III.ii.143.3