Original textModern textKey line
Speake to the businesse, M. Secretary;Speak to the business, master secretary:H8 V.iii.1
Why are we met in Councell?Why are we met in council?H8 V.iii.2.1
Let him come in.Let him come in.H8 V.iii.7.1
My good Lord Archbishop, I'm very sorryMy good lord Archbishop, I'm very sorryH8 V.iii.8
To sit heere at this present, and beholdTo sit here at this present and beholdH8 V.iii.9
That Chayre stand empty: But we all are menThat chair stand empty, but we all are menH8 V.iii.10
In our owne natures fraile, and capableIn our own natures frail, and capableH8 V.iii.11
Of our flesh, few are Angels; out of which frailtyOf our flesh; few are angels; out of which frailtyH8 V.iii.12
And want of wisedome, you that best should teach vs,And want of wisdom, you, that best should teach us,H8 V.iii.13
Haue misdemean'd your selfe, and not a little:Have misdemeaned yourself, and not a little,H8 V.iii.14
Toward the King first, then his Lawes, in fillingToward the King first, then his laws, in fillingH8 V.iii.15
The whole Realme, by your teaching & your ChaplainesThe whole realm, by your teaching and your chaplains' – H8 V.iii.16
(For so we are inform'd) with new opinions,For so we are informed – with new opinions,H8 V.iii.17
Diuers and dangerous; which are Heresies;Divers and dangerous, which are heresies,H8 V.iii.18
And not reform'd, may proue pernicious.And, not reformed, may prove pernicious.H8 V.iii.19
This is too much;This is too much;H8 V.iii.85.2
Forbeare for shame my Lords.Forbear, for shame, my lords.H8 V.iii.86.1
Then thus for you my Lord, it stands agreedThen thus for you, my lord: it stands agreed,H8 V.iii.87
I take it, by all voyces: That forthwith,I take it, by all voices, that forthwithH8 V.iii.88
You be conuaid to th'Tower a Prisoner;You be conveyed to th' Tower a prisoner,H8 V.iii.89
There to remaine till the Kings further pleasureThere to remain till the King's further pleasureH8 V.iii.90
Be knowne vnto vs: are you all agreed Lords.Be known unto us. Are you all agreed, lords?H8 V.iii.91
All. ALL
We are.We are.H8 V.iii.92.1
Tis now too certaine;'Tis now too certain.H8 V.iii.107.2
How much more is his Life in value with him?How much more is his life in value with him!H8 V.iii.108
Would I were fairely out on't.Would I were fairly out on't!H8 V.iii.109.1
Thus farreThus far,H8 V.iii.147.2
My most dread Soueraigne, may it like your Grace,My most dread sovereign, may it like your graceH8 V.iii.148
To let my tongue excuse all. What was purpos'dTo let my tongue excuse all. What was purposedH8 V.iii.149
Concerning his Imprisonment, was ratherConcerning his imprisonment was rather – H8 V.iii.150
(If there be faith in men) meant for his Tryall,If there be faith in men – meant for his trialH8 V.iii.151
And faire purgation to the world then malice,And fair purgation to the world than malice,H8 V.iii.152
I'm sure in me.I'm sure, in me.H8 V.iii.153.1