Original textModern textKey line
Pray Sir be patient; 'tis as much impossible,Pray, sir, be patient. 'Tis as much impossible,H8 V.iv.12
Vnlesse wee sweepe 'em from the dore with Cannons,Unless we sweep 'em from the door with cannons,H8 V.iv.13
To scatter 'em, as 'tis to make 'em sleepeTo scatter 'em as 'tis to make 'em sleepH8 V.iv.14
On May-day Morning, which will neuer be:On May-day morning; which will never be.H8 V.iv.15
We may as well push against Powles as stirre 'em.We may as well push against Paul's as stir 'em.H8 V.iv.16
Alas I know not, how gets the Tide in?Alas, I know not. How gets the tide in?H8 V.iv.18
As much as one sound Cudgell of foure foote,As much as one sound cudgel of four foot – H8 V.iv.19
(You see the poore remainder) could distribute,You see the poor remainder – could distribute,H8 V.iv.20
I made no spare Sir.I made no spare, sir.H8 V.iv.21.1
I am not Sampson, nor Sir Guy, nor Colebrand,I am not Samson, nor Sir Guy, nor Colbrand,H8 V.iv.22
To mow 'em downe before me: but if I spar'd anyTo mow 'em down before me; but if I spared anyH8 V.iv.23
That had a head to hit, either young or old,That had a head to hit, either young or old,H8 V.iv.24
He or shee, Cuckold or Cuckold-maker:He or she, cuckold or cuckold-maker,H8 V.iv.25
Let me ne're hope to see a Chine againe,Let me ne'er hope to see a chine again – H8 V.iv.26
And that I would not for a Cow, God saue her.And that I would not for a cow, God save her!H8 V.iv.27
What would you haue me doe?What would you have me do?H8 V.iv.31
The Spoones will be the bigger Sir: There is a fellow The spoons will be the bigger, sir. There is a fellowH8 V.iv.39
somewhat neere the doore, he should be a Brasier by his somewhat near the door, he should be a brazier by hisH8 V.iv.40
face, for o' my conscience twenty of the Dog-dayes now face, for, o'my conscience, twenty of the dog-days nowH8 V.iv.41
reigne in's Nose; all that stand about him are vnder the reign in's nose; all that stand about him are under theH8 V.iv.42
Line, they need no other pennance: that Fire-Drake did I line, they need no other penance. That fire-drake did IH8 V.iv.43
hit three times on the head, and three times was his hit three times on the head, and three times was hisH8 V.iv.44
Nose discharged against mee; hee stands there like a nose discharged against me; he stands there like aH8 V.iv.45
Morter-piece to blow vs. There was a Habberdashers mortar-piece, to blow us. There was a haberdasher'sH8 V.iv.46
Wife of small wit, neere him, that rail'd vpon me, till her wife of small wit near him, that railed upon me till herH8 V.iv.47
pinck'd porrenger fell off her head, for kindling such a pinked porringer fell off her head, for kindling such aH8 V.iv.48
combustion in the State. I mist the Meteor once, and combustion in the state. I missed the meteor once, andH8 V.iv.49
hit that Woman, who cryed out Clubbes, when I might hit that woman, who cried out ‘ Clubs!’, when I mightH8 V.iv.50
see from farre, some forty Truncheoners draw to her see from far some forty truncheoners draw to herH8 V.iv.51
succour, which were the hope o'th'Strond where shesuccour, which were the hope o'th' Strand, where sheH8 V.iv.52
was quartered; they fell on, I made good my place; atwas quartered. They fell on; I made good my place. AtH8 V.iv.53
length they came to th'broome staffe to me, I defide 'emlength they came to th' broomstaff to me; I defied 'emH8 V.iv.54
stil, when sodainly a File of Boyes behind 'em, loose still; when suddenly a file of boys behind 'em, looseH8 V.iv.55
shot, deliuer'd such a showre of Pibbles, that I was faine shot, delivered such a shower of pebbles that I was fainH8 V.iv.56
to draw mine Honour in, and let 'em win the Worke, theto draw mine honour in, and let 'em win the work. TheH8 V.iv.57
Diuell was amongst 'em I thinke surely.devil was amongst 'em, I think, surely.H8 V.iv.58
You great fellow,You great fellow,H8 V.iv.86.2
Stand close vp, or Ile make your head ake.Stand close up, or I'll make your head ache.H8 V.iv.87