Original textModern textKey line
O, God saue ye:O, God save ye!H8 II.i.1.2
Eu'n to the Hall, to heare what shall becomeEven to the Hall, to hear what shall becomeH8 II.i.2
Of the great Duke of Buckingham.Of the great Duke of Buckingham.H8 II.i.3.1
Were you there?Were you there?H8 II.i.5.2
Pray speake what ha's happen'd.Pray speak what has happened.H8 II.i.6.2
Is he found guilty?Is he found guilty?H8 II.i.7.2
I am sorry fort.I am sorry for't.H8 II.i.9.1
But pray how past it?But, pray, how passed it?H8 II.i.10
That was heeThat was heH8 II.i.22.2
That fed him with his Prophecies.That fed him with his prophecies.H8 II.i.23.1
After all this, how did he beare himselfe?After all this, how did he bear himself?H8 II.i.30
I doe not thinke he feares death.I do not think he fears death.H8 II.i.37.1
Certainly,CertainlyH8 II.i.39.2
The Cardinall is the end of this.The Cardinal is the end of this.H8 II.i.40.1
That tricke of StateThat trick of stateH8 II.i.44.2
Was a deepe enuious one,Was a deep envious one.H8 II.i.45.1
All the CommonsAll the commonsH8 II.i.49.2
Hate him perniciously, and o' my ConscienceHate him perniciously, and, o' my conscience,H8 II.i.50
Wish him ten faddom deepe: This Duke as muchWish him ten fathom deep. This Duke as muchH8 II.i.51
They loue and doate on: call him bounteous Buckingham,They love and dote on, call him bounteous Buckingham,H8 II.i.52
The Mirror of all courtesie.The mirror of all courtesy – H8 II.i.53.1
Let's stand close and behold him.Let's stand close, and behold him.H8 II.i.55.1
If the Duke be guiltlesse,If the Duke be guiltless,H8 II.i.139.2
'Tis full of woe: yet I can giue you inckling'Tis full of woe; yet I can give you inklingH8 II.i.140
Of an ensuing euill, if it fall,Of an ensuing evil, if it fall,H8 II.i.141
Greater then this.Greater than this.H8 II.i.142.1
This Secret is so weighty, 'twill requireThis secret is so weighty, 'twill requireH8 II.i.144
A strong faith to conceale it.A strong faith to conceal it.H8 II.i.145.1
I am confident;I am confident;H8 II.i.146.2
You shall Sir: Did you not of late dayes heareYou shall, sir. Did you not of late days hearH8 II.i.147
A buzzing of a SeparationA buzzing of a separationH8 II.i.148
Betweene the King and Katherine?Between the King and Katherine?H8 II.i.149.1
But that slander Sir,But that slander, sir,H8 II.i.153.2
Is found a truth now: for it growes agenIs found a truth now, for it grows againH8 II.i.154
Fresher then e're it was; and held for certaineFresher than e'er it was, and held for certainH8 II.i.155
The King will venture at it. Either the Cardinall,The King will venture at it. Either the CardinalH8 II.i.156
Or some about him neere, haue out of maliceOr some about him near have, out of maliceH8 II.i.157
To the good Queene, possest him with a scrupleTo the good Queen, possessed him with a scrupleH8 II.i.158
That will vndoe her: To confirme this too,That will undo her. To confirm this too,H8 II.i.159
Cardinall Campeius is arriu'd, and lately,Cardinal Campeius is arrived, and lately,H8 II.i.160
As all thinke for this busines.As all think, for this business.H8 II.i.161.1
I thinke / You haue hit the marke; but is't not cruell,I think you have hit the mark; but is't not cruelH8 II.i.165
That she should feele the smart of this: the CardinallThat she should feel the smart of this? The CardinalH8 II.i.166
Will haue his will, and she must fall.Will have his will, and she must fall.H8 II.i.167.1
So are you.So are you.H8 IV.i.1.2
'Tis all my businesse. At our last encounter,'Tis all my business. At our last encounterH8 IV.i.4
The Duke of Buckingham came from his Triall.The Duke of Buckingham came from his trial.H8 IV.i.5
'Tis well: The Citizens'Tis well. The citizens,H8 IV.i.7.2
I am sure haue shewne at full their Royall minds,I am sure, have shown at full their royal minds – H8 IV.i.8
As let 'em haue their rights, they are euer forwardAs, let 'em have their rights, they are ever forward – H8 IV.i.9
In Celebration of this day with Shewes,In celebration of this day with shows,H8 IV.i.10
Pageants, and Sights of Honor.Pageants, and sights of honour.H8 IV.i.11.1
May I be bold to aske what that containes,May I be bold to ask what that contains,H8 IV.i.13
That Paper in your hand.That paper in your hand?H8 IV.i.14.1
I thanke you Sir: Had I not known those customs,I thank you, sir; had I not known those customs,H8 IV.i.20
I should haue beene beholding to your Paper:I should have been beholding to your paper.H8 IV.i.21
But I beseech you, what's become of KatherineBut I beseech you, what's become of Katherine,H8 IV.i.22
The Princesse Dowager? How goes her businesse?The Princess Dowager? How goes her business?H8 IV.i.23
Alas good Lady.Alas, good lady!H8 IV.i.35.2
The Trumpets sound: Stand close, / The Queene is comming. The trumpets sound. Stand close, the Queen is coming.H8 IV.i.36
A Royall Traine beleeue me: These I know:A royal train, believe me. These I know.H8 IV.i.37
Who's that that beares the Scepter?Who's that that bears the sceptre?H8 IV.i.38.1
A bold braue Gentleman. That should beeA bold brave gentleman. That should beH8 IV.i.40
The Duke of Suffolke.The Duke of Suffolk?H8 IV.i.41.1
And that my Lord of Norfolke?And that my Lord of Norfolk?H8 IV.i.42.1
Heauen blesse thee,Heaven bless thee!H8 IV.i.42.3
Thou hast the sweetest face I euer look'd on.Thou hast the sweetest face I ever looked on.H8 IV.i.43
Sir, as I haue a Soule, she is an Angell;Sir, as I have a soul, she is an angel;H8 IV.i.44
Our King ha's all the Indies in his Armes,Our King has all the Indies in his arms,H8 IV.i.45
And more, and richer, when he straines that Lady,And more, and richer, when he strains that lady.H8 IV.i.46
I cannot blame his Conscience.I cannot blame his conscience.H8 IV.i.47.1
Those men are happy, / And so are all, are neere her.Those men are happy, and so are all are near her.H8 IV.i.50
I take it, she that carries vp the Traine,I take it, she that carries up the trainH8 IV.i.51
Is that old Noble Lady, Dutchesse of Norfolke.Is that old noble lady, Duchess of Norfolk.H8 IV.i.52
Their Coronets say so. These are Starres indeed,Their coronets say so. These are stars indeed – H8 IV.i.54
No more of that.No more of that.H8 IV.i.55.2
You saw You sawH8 IV.i.59.2
the Ceremony?The ceremony?H8 IV.i.60.1
Good Sir, speake it to vs?Good sir, speak it to us.H8 IV.i.61.2
But what follow'd?But what followed?H8 IV.i.81.2
What two Reuerend ByshopsWhat two reverend bishopsH8 IV.i.99.2
Were those that went on each side of the Queene?Were those that went on each side of the Queen?H8 IV.i.100
He of WinchesterHe of WinchesterH8 IV.i.103.2
Is held no great good louer of the Archbishops,Is held no great good lover of the Archbishop's,H8 IV.i.104
The vertuous Cranmer.The virtuous Cranmer.H8 IV.i.105.1
Who may that be, I pray you.Who may that be, I pray you?H8 IV.i.108.1
He will deserue more.He will deserve more.H8 IV.i.113.1
You may command vs Sir. You may command us, sir.H8 IV.i.117.2