Original textModern textKey line
How is the King imployd?How is the King employed?H8 II.ii.13.1
No, his ConscienceNo, his conscienceH8 II.ii.16.2
Ha's crept too neere another Ladie.Has crept too near another lady.H8 II.ii.17.1
Pray God he doe, / Hee'l neuer know himselfe else.Pray God he do! He'll never know himself else.H8 II.ii.21
And free vs from his slauery.And free us from his slavery.H8 II.ii.42.2
For me, my Lords,For me, my lords,H8 II.ii.48.2
I loue him not, nor feare him, there's my Creede:I love him not, nor fear him – there's my creed.H8 II.ii.49
As I am made without him, so Ile stand,As I am made without him, so I'll stand,H8 II.ii.50
If the King please: his Curses and his blessingsIf the King please. His curses and his blessingsH8 II.ii.51
Touch me alike: th'are breath I not beleeue in.Touch me alike; they're breath I not believe in.H8 II.ii.52
I knew him, and I know him: so I leaue himI knew him, and I know him; so I leave himH8 II.ii.53
To him that made him proud; the Pope.To him that made him proud – the Pope.H8 II.ii.54.1
How sad he lookes; sure he is much afflicted.How sad he looks; sure he is much afflicted.H8 II.ii.61
Not to speake of:Not to speak of!H8 II.ii.80.2
I would not be so sicke though for his place:I would not be so sick though for his place.H8 II.ii.81
But this cannot continue.But this cannot continue.H8 II.ii.82.1
I another.I another.H8 II.ii.83.2
Which of the PeeresWhich of the peersH8 III.ii.9.2
Haue vncontemn'd gone by him, or at leastHave uncontemned gone by him, or at leastH8 III.ii.10
Strangely neglected? When did he regardStrangely neglected? When did he regardH8 III.ii.11
The stampe of Noblenesse in any personThe stamp of nobleness in any personH8 III.ii.12
Out of himselfe?Out of himself?H8 III.ii.13.1
Most strangely.Most strangely.H8 III.ii.29.2
The Cardinals Letters to the Pope miscarried,The Cardinal's letters to the Pope miscarried,H8 III.ii.30
And came to th'eye o'th'King, wherein was readAnd came to th' eye o'th' King, wherein was readH8 III.ii.31
How that the Cardinall did intreat his HolinesseHow that the Cardinal did entreat his holinessH8 III.ii.32
To stay the Iudgement o'th'Diuorce; for ifTo stay the judgement o'th' divorce; for ifH8 III.ii.33
It did take place, I do (quoth he) perceiueIt did take place, ‘ I do ’ – quoth he – ‘ perceiveH8 III.ii.34
My King is tangled in affection, toMy King is tangled in affection toH8 III.ii.35
A Creature of the Queenes, Lady Anne Bullen.A creature of the Queen's, Lady Anne Bullen.’H8 III.ii.36
Beleeue it.Believe it.H8 III.ii.37.2
May you be happy in your wish my Lord,May you be happy in your wish, my lord,H8 III.ii.43
For I professe you haue it.For I profess you have it.H8 III.ii.44.1
My Amen too't.My amen to't!H8 III.ii.45.2
There's order giuen for her Coronation:There's order given for her coronation.H8 III.ii.46
Marry this is yet but yong, and may be leftMarry, this is yet but young, and may be leftH8 III.ii.47
To some eares vnrecounted. But my LordsTo some ears unrecounted. But, my lords,H8 III.ii.48
She is a gallant Creature, and compleateShe is a gallant creature, and completeH8 III.ii.49
In minde and feature. I perswade me, from herIn mind and feature. I persuade me, from herH8 III.ii.50
Will fall some blessing to this Land, which shallWill fall some blessing to this land, which shallH8 III.ii.51
In it be memoriz'd.In it be memorized.H8 III.ii.52.1
No, no:No, no.H8 III.ii.54.3
There be moe Waspes that buz about his Nose,There be more wasps that buzz about his noseH8 III.ii.55
Will make this sting the sooner. Cardinall Campeius,Will make this sting the sooner. Cardinal CampeiusH8 III.ii.56
Is stolne away to Rome, hath 'tane no leaue,Is stol'n away to Rome; hath ta'en no leave;H8 III.ii.57
Ha's left the cause o'th'King vnhandled, andHas left the cause o'th' King unhandled, andH8 III.ii.58
Is posted as the Agent of our Cardinall,Is posted as the agent of our CardinalH8 III.ii.59
To second all his plot. I do assure you,To second all his plot. I do assure youH8 III.ii.60
The King cry'de Ha, at this.The King cried ‘ Ha!’ at this.H8 III.ii.61.1
He is return'd in his Opinions, whichHe is returned in his opinions, whichH8 III.ii.64
Haue satisfied the King for his Diuorce,Have satisfied the King for his divorce,H8 III.ii.65
Together with all famous ColledgesTogether with all famous collegesH8 III.ii.66
Almost in Christendome: shortly (I beleeue)Almost in Christendom. Shortly, I believe,H8 III.ii.67
His second Marriage shall be publishd, andHis second marriage shall be published, andH8 III.ii.68
Her Coronation. Katherine no moreHer coronation. Katherine no moreH8 III.ii.69
Shall be call'd Queene, but Princesse Dowager,Shall be called Queen, but Princess Dowager,H8 III.ii.70
And Widdow to Prince Arthur.And widow to Prince Arthur.H8 III.ii.71.1
He ha's, and we shall see himHe has, and we shall see himH8 III.ii.73.2
For it, an Arch-byshop.For it an archbishop.H8 III.ii.74.1
'Tis so.'Tis so.H8 III.ii.74.3
The Cardinall.The Cardinal!H8 III.ii.75.1
Maybe he heares the KingMaybe he hears the KingH8 III.ii.91.2
Does whet his Anger to him.Does whet his anger to him.H8 III.ii.92.1
The King, the King.The King, the King!H8 III.ii.106.2
Who dare crosse 'em,Who dare cross 'em,H8 III.ii.234.2
Bearing the Kings will from his mouth expressely?Bearing the King's will from his mouth expressly?H8 III.ii.235
Then, that without the knowledgeThen, that without the knowledgeH8 III.ii.316.2
Either of King or Councell, when you wentEither of King or Council, when you wentH8 III.ii.317
Ambassador to the Emperor, you made boldAmbassador to the Emperor, you made boldH8 III.ii.318
To carry into Flanders, the Great Seale.To carry into Flanders the great seal.H8 III.ii.319
That out of meere Ambition, you haue caus'dThat out of mere ambition you have causedH8 III.ii.324
Your holy-Hat to be stampt on the Kings Coine.Your holy hat to be stamped on the King's coin.H8 III.ii.325
Lord Cardinall, the Kings further pleasure is,Lord Cardinal, the King's further pleasure is – H8 III.ii.337
Because all those things you haue done of lateBecause all those things you have done of late,H8 III.ii.338
By your power Legatiue within this Kingdome,By your power legatine within this kingdomH8 III.ii.339
Fall into 'th'compasse of a Premunire;Fall into th' compass of a praemunire – H8 III.ii.340
That therefore such a Writ be sued against you,That therefore such a writ be sued against you:H8 III.ii.341
To forfeit all your Goods, Lands, Tenements,To forfeit all your goods, lands, tenements,H8 III.ii.342
Castles, and whatsoeuer, and to beChattels, and whatsoever, and to beH8 III.ii.343
Out of the Kings protection. This is my Charge.Out of the King's protection. This is my charge.H8 III.ii.344
Sir, I did neuer win of you before.Sir, I did never win of you before.H8 V.i.58
God safely quit her of her Burthen, andGod safely quit her of her burden, andH8 V.i.70
With gentle Trauaile, to the gladding ofWith gentle travail, to the gladding ofH8 V.i.71
Your Highnesse with an Heire.Your highness with an heir!H8 V.i.72.1
I wish your HighnesseI wish your highnessH8 V.i.76.2
A quiet night, and my good Mistris willA quiet night, and my good mistress willH8 V.i.77
Remember in my Prayers.Remember in my prayers.H8 V.i.78.1
Nay, my Lord,Nay, my lord,H8 V.iii.48.2
That cannot be; you are a Counsellor,That cannot be; you are a Councillor,H8 V.iii.49
And by that vertue no man dare accuse you.And by that virtue no man dare accuse you.H8 V.iii.50
All. ALL
We are.We are.H8 V.iii.92.1
'Ts the right Ring, by Heau'n: I told ye all,'Tis the right ring, by heaven. I told ye all,H8 V.iii.103
When we first put this dangerous stone a rowling,When ye first put this dangerous stone a-rolling,H8 V.iii.104
'Twold fall vpon our selues.'Twould fall upon ourselves.H8 V.iii.105.1