Original textModern textKey line
I am ioyfullI am joyfulH8 III.ii.6.2
To meete the least occasion, that may giue meTo meet the least occasion that may give meH8 III.ii.7
Remembrance of my Father-in-Law, the Duke,Remembrance of my father-in-law, the Duke,H8 III.ii.8
To be reueng'd on him.To be revenged on him.H8 III.ii.9.1
Sir,Sir,H8 III.ii.23.2
I should be glad to heare such Newes as thisI should be glad to hear such news as thisH8 III.ii.24
Once euery houre.Once every hour.H8 III.ii.25.1
How cameHow cameH8 III.ii.28.2
His practises to light?His practises to light?H8 III.ii.29.1
O how? how?O, how, how?H8 III.ii.29.3
Ha's the King this?Has the king this?H8 III.ii.37.1
Will this worke?Will this work?H8 III.ii.37.3
Would he had.Would he had!H8 III.ii.42.2
Now all my ioyNow all my joyH8 III.ii.44.2
Trace the Coniunction.Trace the conjunction!H8 III.ii.45.1
But will the KingBut will the KingH8 III.ii.52.2
Digest this Letter of the Cardinals?Digest this letter of the Cardinal's?H8 III.ii.53
The Lord forbid.The Lord forbid!H8 III.ii.54.1
Sharpe enough,Sharp enough,H8 III.ii.92.2
Lord for thy Iustice.Lord, for Thy justice!H8 III.ii.93
I would 'twer somthing yt would fretthe string,I would 'twere something that would fret the string,H8 III.ii.105
The Master-cord on's heart.The master-cord on's heart!H8 III.ii.106.1
The Lord increase this businesse.The Lord increase this business!H8 III.ii.161.1
The King that gaue it.The King that gave it.H8 III.ii.251.1
Thou art a proud Traitor, Priest.Thou art a proud traitor, priest.H8 III.ii.252.1
Thy AmbitionThy ambition,H8 III.ii.254.2
(Thou Scarlet sinne) robb'd this bewailing LandThou scarlet sin, robbed this bewailing landH8 III.ii.255
Of Noble Buckingham, my Father-in-Law,Of noble Buckingham, my father-in-law.H8 III.ii.256
The heads of all thy Brother-Cardinals,The heads of all thy brother Cardinals,H8 III.ii.257
(With thee, and all thy best parts bound together)With thee and all thy best parts bound together,H8 III.ii.258
Weigh'd not a haire of his. Plague of your policie,Weighed not a hair of his. Plague of your policy!H8 III.ii.259
You sent me Deputie for Ireland,You sent me deputy for Ireland,H8 III.ii.260
Farre from his succour; from the King, from allFar from his succour, from the King, from allH8 III.ii.261
That might haue mercie on the fault, thou gau'st him:That might have mercy on the fault thou gav'st him;H8 III.ii.262
Whil'st your great Goodnesse, out of holy pitty,Whilst your great goodness, out of holy pity,H8 III.ii.263
Absolu'd him with an Axe.Absolved him with an axe.H8 III.ii.264.1
By my Soule,By my soul,H8 III.ii.275.2
Your long Coat (Priest) protects you, / Thou should'st feeleYour long coat, priest, protects you; thou shouldst feelH8 III.ii.276
My Sword i'th'life blood of thee else. My Lords,My sword i'th' life-blood of thee else. My lords,H8 III.ii.277
Can ye endure to heare this Arrogance?Can ye endure to hear this arrogance,H8 III.ii.278
And from this Fellow? If we liue thus tamely,And from this fellow? If we live thus tamely,H8 III.ii.279
To be thus Iaded by a peece of Scarlet,To be thus jaded by a piece of scarlet,H8 III.ii.280
Farewell Nobilitie: let his Grace go forward,Farewell nobility. Let his grace go forward,H8 III.ii.281
And dare vs with his Cap, like Larkes.And dare us with his cap, like larks.H8 III.ii.282.1
Yes, that goodnesseYes, that goodnessH8 III.ii.283.2
Of gleaning all the Lands wealth into one,Of gleaning all the land's wealth into one,H8 III.ii.284
Into your owne hands (Card'nall) by Extortion:Into your own hands, Cardinal, by extortion – H8 III.ii.285
The goodnesse of your intercepted PacketsThe goodness of your intercepted packetsH8 III.ii.286
You writ to'th Pope, against the King: your goodnesseYou writ to th' Pope against the King! Your goodness,H8 III.ii.287
Since you prouoke me, shall be most notorious.Since you provoke me, shall be most notorious.H8 III.ii.288
My Lord of Norfolke, as you are truly Noble,My Lord of Norfolk, as you are truly noble,H8 III.ii.289
As you respect the common good, the StateAs you respect the common good, the stateH8 III.ii.290
Of our despis'd Nobilitie, our Issues,Of our despised nobility, our issues – H8 III.ii.291
(Whom if he liue, will scarse be Gentlemen)Who, if he live, will scarce be gentlemen – H8 III.ii.292
Produce the grand summe of his sinnes, the ArticlesProduce the grand sum of his sins, the articlesH8 III.ii.293
Collected from his life. Ile startle youCollected from his life. I'll startle youH8 III.ii.294
Worse then the Sacring Bell, when the browne WenchWorse than the sacring bell, when the brown wenchH8 III.ii.295
Lay kissing in your Armes, Lord Cardinall.Lay kissing in your arms, lord Cardinal.H8 III.ii.296
This cannot saue you:This cannot save you.H8 III.ii.302.2
I thanke my Memorie, I yet rememberI thank my memory, I yet rememberH8 III.ii.303
Some of these Articles, and out they shall.Some of these articles, and out they shall.H8 III.ii.304
Now, if you can blush, and crie guiltie Cardinall,Now, if you can blush and cry ‘ Guilty,’ Cardinal,H8 III.ii.305
You'l shew a little Honestie.You'll show a little honesty.H8 III.ii.306.1
I had rather want those, then my head; / Haue at you.I had rather want those than my head. Have at you!H8 III.ii.309
First, that without the Kings assent or knowledge,First, that without the King's assent or knowledgeH8 III.ii.310
You wrought to be a Legate, by which powerYou wrought to be a legate, by which powerH8 III.ii.311
You maim'd the Iurisdiction of all Bishops.You maimed the jurisdiction of all bishops.H8 III.ii.312
Item, You sent a large CommissionItem, you sent a large commissionH8 III.ii.320
To Gregory de Cassado, to concludeTo Gregory de Cassado, to conclude,H8 III.ii.321
Without the Kings will, or the States allowance,Without the King's will or the state's allowance,H8 III.ii.322
A League betweene his Highnesse, and Ferrara.A league between his highness and Ferrara.H8 III.ii.323
Then, That you haue sent inumerable substance,Then, that you have sent innumerable substance – H8 III.ii.326
(By what meanes got, I leaue to your owne conscience)By what means got I leave to your own conscience – H8 III.ii.327
To furnish Rome, and to prepare the wayesTo furnish Rome, and to prepare the waysH8 III.ii.328
You haue for Dignities, to the meere vndooingYou have for dignities, to the mere undoingH8 III.ii.329
Of all the Kingdome. Many more there are,Of all the kingdom. Many more there are,H8 III.ii.330
Which since they are of you, and odious,Which, since they are of you, and odious,H8 III.ii.331
I will not taint my mouth with.I will not taint my mouth with.H8 III.ii.332.1
I forgiue him.I forgive him.H8 III.ii.336.2
All. ALL
We are.We are.H8 V.iii.92.1
'Tis no counterfeit.'Tis no counterfeit.H8 V.iii.102.2
May it please your Grace; ---May it please your grace – H8 V.iii.134.1