Original textModern textKey line
My Masters, ile be there that's certaine.My masters, I'll be there, that's certain.TNK II.ii.24
I am sureI am sureTNK II.ii.29.2
To have my wife as jealous as a Turkey:To have my wife as jealous as a turkey;TNK II.ii.30
But that's all one, ile goe through, let her mumble.But that's all one, I'll go through, let her mumble.TNK II.ii.31
This must be done i'th woods.This must be done i'th' woods.TNK II.ii.50.1
Yes marry are there:Yes, marry are there,TNK II.ii.65.2
And such as you neuer saw; The Duke himselfeAnd such as you never saw. The Duke himselfTNK II.ii.66
Will be in person there.Will be in person there.TNK II.ii.67.1
My minde misgives meMy mind misgives me.TNK II.ii.70.2
This fellow has a veng'ance tricke o'th hip,This fellow has a vengeance trick o'th' hip;TNK II.ii.71
Marke how his Bodi's made for'tMark how his body's made for't.TNK II.ii.72.1
And sweetly we will doe it Master Gerrold.And sweetly we will do it, Master Gerrold.TNK III.v.22
And freckeled Nel; that never faild her Master.And freckled Nell, that never failed her master.TNK III.v.27
A fire ill take her; do's she flinch now?A fire-ill take her; does she flinch now?TNK III.v.53.1
A mad woman? we are made Boyes.A madwoman? We are made, boys!TNK III.v.77