Original textModern textKey line
Nothing that I heard,Nothing that I heard,TNK IV.i.3.2
For I came home before the businesFor I came home before the businessTNK IV.i.4
Was fully ended: Yet I might perceiveWas fully ended. Yet I might perceive,TNK IV.i.5
Ere I departed, a great likelihoodEre I departed, a great likelihoodTNK IV.i.6
Of both their pardons: For Hipolita,Of both their pardons; for HippolytaTNK IV.i.7
And faire-eyd Emilie, upon their kneesAnd fair-eyed Emily, upon their knees,TNK IV.i.8
Begd with such hansom pitty, that the DukeBegged with such handsome pity that the DukeTNK IV.i.9
Me thought stood staggering, whether he should followMethought stood staggering, whether he should followTNK IV.i.10
His rash o'th, or the sweet compassionHis rash oath or the sweet compassionTNK IV.i.11
Of those two Ladies; and to second them,Of those two ladies; and to second themTNK IV.i.12
That truely noble Prince PerithousThat truly noble prince Pirithous,TNK IV.i.13
Halfe his owne heart, set in too, that I hopeHalf his own heart, set in too, that I hopeTNK IV.i.14
All shall be well: Neither heard I one questionAll shall be well; neither heard I one questionTNK IV.i.15
Of your name, or his scape.Of your name, or his 'scape.TNK IV.i.16.1
How was it ended?How was it ended?TNK IV.i.25.2
I knew t'would be so.I knew 'twould be so.TNK IV.i.28.2
T'will be knowne.'Twill be known.TNK IV.i.31.2
These are strange Questions.These are strange questions.TNK IV.i.35.2
Not right?Not right?TNK IV.i.45.2
It cannot be.It cannot be.TNK IV.i.46.2
Pretty soule.Pretty soul!TNK IV.i.69.2
Yes, he's a fine man.Yes, he's a fine man.TNK IV.i.120.2
Yes.Yes.TNK IV.i.121.2
Yes.Yes.TNK IV.i.127.2
No.No.TNK IV.i.134.2
Do's she know him?Does she know him?TNK IV.i.140.2
Owgh, owgh, owgh,O, O, O!TNK IV.i.146
Heere,Here.TNK IV.i.150.2