Original textModern textKey line
For pitties sake and true gentilities,For pity's sake and true gentility's,TNK I.i.25
Heare, and respect me.Hear and respect me!TNK I.i.26.1
We are 3. Queenes, whose Soveraignes fel beforeWe are three queens, whose sovereigns fell beforeTNK I.i.39
The wrath of cruell Creon; who enduredThe wrath of cruel Creon; who enduredTNK I.i.40
The Beakes of Ravens, Tallents of the Kights,The beaks of ravens, talons of the kites,TNK I.i.41
And pecks of Crowes, in the fowle feilds of Thebs.And pecks of crows in the foul fields of Thebes.TNK I.i.42
He will not suffer us to burne their bones,He will not suffer us to burn their bones,TNK I.i.43
To urne their ashes, nor to take th' offenceTo urn their ashes, nor to take th' offenceTNK I.i.44
Of mortall loathsomenes from the blest eyeOf mortal loathsomeness from the blest eyeTNK I.i.45
Of holy Phaebus, but infects the windesOf holy Phoebus, but infects the windsTNK I.i.46
With stench of our slaine Lords. O pitty Duke,With stench of our slain lords. O, pity, Duke!TNK I.i.47
Thou purger of the earth, draw thy feard SwordThou purger of the earth, draw thy feared swordTNK I.i.48
That does good turnes to'th world; give us the BonesThat does good turns to th' world; give us the bonesTNK I.i.49
Of our dead Kings, that we may Chappell them;Of our dead kings, that we may chapel them;TNK I.i.50
And of thy boundles goodnes take some noteAnd of thy boundless goodness take some noteTNK I.i.51
That for our crowned heades we have no roofe,That for our crowned heads we have no roof,TNK I.i.52
Save this which is the Lyons, and the Beares,Save this which is the lion's and the bear's,TNK I.i.53
And vault to every thing.And vault to everything.TNK I.i.54.1
O I hope some God,O, I hope some god,TNK I.i.71
Some God hath put his mercy in your manhoodSome god hath put his mercy in your manhood,TNK I.i.72
Whereto heel infuse powre, and presse you forthWhereto he'll infuse power, and press you forthTNK I.i.73
Our undertaker.Our undertaker.TNK I.i.74.1
O This CelebrationO, this celebrationTNK I.i.131.2
Will long last, and be more costly then,Will longer last and be more costly thanTNK I.i.132
Your Suppliants war: Remember that your FameYour suppliants' war. Remember that your fameTNK I.i.133
Knowles in the eare, o'th world: what you doe quickly,Knolls in the ear o'th' world; what you do quicklyTNK I.i.134
Is not done rashly; your first thought is more.Is not done rashly; your first thought is moreTNK I.i.135
Then others laboured meditance: your premeditatingThan others' laboured meditance, your premeditatingTNK I.i.136
More then their actions: But oh Iove, your actionsMore than their actions. But O Jove, your actions,TNK I.i.137
Soone as they mooves as Asprayes doe the fish,Soon as they move, as ospreys do the fish,TNK I.i.138
Subdue before they touch, thinke, deere Duke thinkeSubdue before they touch. Think, dear Duke, thinkTNK I.i.139
What beds our slaine Kings have.What beds our slain kings have.TNK I.i.140.1
But our LordsBut our lordsTNK I.i.145.2
Ly blistring fore the visitating Sunne,Lie blistering 'fore the visiting sun,TNK I.i.146
And were good Kings, when living.And were good kings when living.TNK I.i.147.1
And that worke And that workTNK I.i.150.2
presents it selfe to'th doing:Presents itself to th' doing.TNK I.i.151
Now twill take forme, the heates are gone to morrow.Now 'twill take form; the heats are gone tomorrow.TNK I.i.152
Then, booteles toyle must recompence it selfe,Then, bootless toil must recompense itselfTNK I.i.153
With it's owne sweat; Now he's secure,With its own sweat; now, he's secure,TNK I.i.154
Not dreames, we stand before your puissanceNot dreams we stand before your puissance,TNK I.i.155
Wrinching our holy begging in our eyesRinsing our holy begging in our eyesTNK I.i.156
To make petition cleere.To make petition clear.TNK I.i.157.1
Dowagers, take handsDowagers, take hands.TNK I.i.165.2
Let us be Widdowes to our woes, delayLet us be widows to our woes; delayTNK I.i.166
Commends us to a famishing hope.Commends us to a famishing hope.TNK I.i.167.1
Farewell.Farewell.TNK I.i.167.2
The more proclaimingThe more proclaimingTNK I.i.174.2
Our suit shall be neglected, when her ArmesOur suit shall be neglected, when her arms,TNK I.i.175
Able to locke Iove from a Synod, shallAble to lock Jove from a synod, shallTNK I.i.176
By warranting Moone-light corslet thee, oh whenBy warranting moonlight corslet thee; O, whenTNK I.i.177
Her twyning Cherries shall their sweetnes fallHer twinning cherries shall their sweetness fallTNK I.i.178
Vpon thy tastefull lips, what wilt thou thinkeUpon thy tasteful lips, what wilt thou thinkTNK I.i.179
Of rotten Kings or blubberd Queenes, what careOf rotten kings or blubbered queens, what careTNK I.i.180
For what thou feelst not? what thou feelst being ableFor what thou feelest not, what thou feelest being ableTNK I.i.181
To make Mars spurne his Drom. O if thou couchTo make Mars spurn his drum? O, if thou couchTNK I.i.182
But one night with her, every howre in't willBut one night with her, every hour in't willTNK I.i.183
Take hostage of thee for a hundred, andTake hostage of thee for a hundred, andTNK I.i.184
Thou shalt remember nothing more, then whatThou shalt remember nothing more than whatTNK I.i.185
That Banket bids thee too.That banquet bids thee too.TNK I.i.186.1
All Queens.ALL QUEENS 
Oh helpe nowO, help now!TNK I.i.199.2
Our Cause cries for your knee.Our cause cries for your knee.TNK I.i.200.1
Thus do'st thou still make good the tongue o'th world.Thus dost thou still make good the tongue o'th' world.TNK I.i.226
To thee no starre be darke.To thee no star be dark.TNK I.iv.1.1
Yours this way: Heavens lendYours this way. Heavens lendTNK I.v.13.2
A thousand differing waies, to one sure end.A thousand differing ways to one sure end.TNK I.v.14