Original textModern textKey line
Why then have with ye Boyes; Tis but a chiding,Why, then, have with ye, boys; 'tis but a chiding.TNK II.ii.27
Let the plough play to day, ile tick'lt outLet the plough play today; I'll tickle't outTNK II.ii.28
Of the Iades tailes to morrow.Of the jades' tails tomorrow.TNK II.ii.29.1
Hold?Hold?TNK II.ii.36.2
what should aile us?What should ail us?TNK II.ii.37.1
Shall we be lusty.Shall we be lusty?TNK II.ii.46.1
O pardon me.O, pardon me.TNK II.ii.50.2
Content; the sports once ended, wee'l performe.Content; the sports once ended, we'll perform.TNK II.ii.59
Away / Boyes and hold.Away, boys, and hold!TNK II.ii.60.1
Whither?Whither?TNK II.ii.61.2
why, what a question's that?Why, what a question's that!TNK II.ii.62.1
Well SirWell, sir,TNK II.ii.69.3
Take your owne time, come BoyesTake your own time. – Come, boys.TNK II.ii.70.1
Here's Friz and Maudline.Here's Friz and Maudline.TNK III.v.25.2
We may goe whistle: all the fat's i'th fire.We may go whistle; all the fat's i'th' fire.TNK III.v.39
Now when the credite of our Towne lay on it,Now, when the credit of our town lay on it,TNK III.v.57
Now to be frampall, now to pisse o'th nettle,Now to be frampold, now to piss o'th' nettle!TNK III.v.58
Goe thy waies, ile remember thee, ile fit thee,Go thy ways, I'll remember thee; I'll fit thee.TNK III.v.59