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From the Knights.From the knights.TNK IV.ii.71.2
I will Sir,I will, sir,TNK IV.ii.72.2
And truly what I thinke: Six braver spiritsAnd truly what I think. Six braver spiritsTNK IV.ii.73
Then these they have brought, (if we judge by the outside)Than these they have brought – if we judge by the outside – TNK IV.ii.74
I never saw, nor read of: He that standsI never saw, nor read of. He that standsTNK IV.ii.75
In the first place with Arcite, by his seemingIn the first place with Arcite, by his seemingTNK IV.ii.76
Should be a stout man, by his face a Prince,Should be a stout man; by his face, a prince.TNK IV.ii.77
(His very lookes so say him) his complexion,His very looks so say him; his complexion,TNK IV.ii.78
Nearer a browne, than blacke; sterne, and yet noble,Nearer a brown than black, stern and yet noble,TNK IV.ii.79
Which shewes him hardy, fearelesse, proud of dangers:Which shows him hardy, fearless, proud of dangers;TNK IV.ii.80
The circles of his eyes show faire within him,The circles of his eyes show fire within him,TNK IV.ii.81
And as a heated Lyon, so he lookes;And as a heated lion, so he looks;TNK IV.ii.82
His haire hangs long behind him, blacke and shiningHis hair hangs long behind him, black and shiningTNK IV.ii.83
Like Ravens wings: his shoulders broad, and strong,Like ravens' wings; his shoulders broad and strong,TNK IV.ii.84
Armd long and round, and on his Thigh a SwordArmed long and round; and on his thigh a swordTNK IV.ii.85
Hung by a curious Bauldricke; when he frownesHung by a curious baldrick, when he frownsTNK IV.ii.86
To seale his will with, better o' my conscienceTo seal his will with – better, o'my conscience,TNK IV.ii.87
Was never Souldiers friend.Was never soldier's friend.TNK IV.ii.88
Ther's another,There's another,TNK IV.ii.116.2
A little man, but of a tough soule, seemingA little man, but of a tough soul, seemingTNK IV.ii.117
As great as any: fairer promisesAs great as any; fairer promisesTNK IV.ii.118
In such a Body, yet I never look'd on.In such a body yet I never looked on.TNK IV.ii.119
The same my Lord,The same, my lord.TNK IV.ii.120.2
Are they not sweet ones?Are they not sweet ones?TNK IV.ii.121.1
Me thinkes,Methinks,TNK IV.ii.121.3
Being so few, and well disposd, they showBeing so few and well disposed, they showTNK IV.ii.122
Great, and fine art in nature, he's white hair'd,Great and fine art in Nature. He's white-haired,TNK IV.ii.123
Not wanton white, but such a manly colourNot wanton white, but such a manly colourTNK IV.ii.124
Next to an aborne, tough, and nimble set,Next to an auburn; tough and nimble-set,TNK IV.ii.125
Which showes an active soule; his armes are brawnyWhich shows an active soul; his arms are brawny,TNK IV.ii.126
Linde with strong sinewes: To the shoulder peece,Lined with strong sinews; to the shoulder-pieceTNK IV.ii.127
Gently they swell, like women new conceav'd,Gently they swell, like women new-conceived,TNK IV.ii.128
Which speakes him prone to labour, never faintingWhich speaks him prone to labour, never faintingTNK IV.ii.129
Vnder the waight of Armes; stout harted, still,Under the weight of arms; stout-hearted, still,TNK IV.ii.130
But when he stirs, a Tiger; he's gray eyd,But when he stirs, a tiger; he's grey-eyed,TNK IV.ii.131
Which yeelds compassion where he conquers: sharpeWhich yields compassion where he conquers; sharpTNK IV.ii.132
To spy advantages, and where he finds 'em,To spy advantages, and where he finds 'em,TNK IV.ii.133
He's swift to make 'em his: He do's no wrongs,He's swift to make 'em his; he does no wrongs,TNK IV.ii.134
Nor takes none; he's round fac'd, and when he smilesNor takes none; he's round-faced, and when he smilesTNK IV.ii.135
He showes a Lover, when he frownes, a Souldier:He shows a lover, when he frowns, a soldier;TNK IV.ii.136
About his head he weares the winners oke,About his head he wears the winner's oak,TNK IV.ii.137
And in it stucke the favour of his Lady:And in it stuck the favour of his lady;TNK IV.ii.138
His age, some six and thirtie. In his handHis age some six-and-thirty; in his handTNK IV.ii.139
He beares a charging Staffe, embost with silver.He bears a charging staff, embossed with silver.TNK IV.ii.140
What doe you here, you'l loose the noblest sightWhat do you here? You'll lose the noblest sightTNK V.ii.97
That ev'r was seene.That e'er was seen.TNK V.ii.98.1
They areThey are.TNK V.ii.98.3
You beare a charge there too.You bear a charge there too.TNK V.ii.99.1
Hold, Hold, O hold, hold, hold.Hold, hold, O hold, hold, hold!TNK V.iv.40