Original textModern textKey line
And Ile be there.And I'll be there.TNK II.ii.25
Clap her aboard to morrow night, and stoa her,Clap her aboard tomorrow night and stow her,TNK II.ii.32
And all's made up againe.And all's made up again.TNK II.ii.33.1
And Sennois.And SennoisTNK II.ii.38.3
And Rycas, and 3. better lads nev'r dancdAnd Rycas, and three better lads ne'er dancedTNK II.ii.38
under green Tree, / And yet know what wenches: ha?Under green tree; and ye know what wenches, ha!TNK II.ii.39
But will the dainty Domine, the SchoolemasterBut will the dainty dominie, the schoolmaster,TNK II.ii.40
keep touch / Doe you thinke: for he do's all ye know.Keep touch, do you think? For he does all, ye know.TNK II.ii.41
All the Boyes in AthensAll the boys in AthensTNK II.ii.46.2
blow wind i'th breech on's,Blow wind i'th' breech on's!TNK II.ii.47.1
and heere ile beAnd here I'll beTNK II.ii.47.2
and there ile be, for our Towne, and here againe,And there I'll be, for our town, and here againTNK II.ii.48
and there againe: ha, Boyes, heigh for the weavers.And there again! Ha, boys, hey for the weavers!TNK II.ii.49
By any meanes our thing of learning sees so:By any means, our thing of learning says so;TNK II.ii.51
where he himselfe will edifie the DukeWhere he himself will edify the DukeTNK II.ii.52
most parlously in our behalfes: hees excellent i'th woods,Most parlously in our behalfs. He's excellent i'th' woods;TNK II.ii.53
bring him to'th plaines, his learning makes no cry.Bring him to th' plains, his learning makes no cry.TNK II.ii.54
Where were you bred you know it not?Where were you bred you know it not?TNK II.ii.64.1
Wrastling, and Running; Tis a pretty Fellow.Wrestling and running. (Aside) 'Tis a pretty fellow.TNK II.ii.68
Ile be hangd thoughI'll be hanged, though,TNK II.ii.72.2
If he dare venture, hang him plumb porredge.If he dare venture; hang him, plum porridge!TNK II.ii.73
He wrastle? he rost eggs. Come lets be gon Lads.He wrestle? He roast eggs! Come, let's be gone, lads.TNK II.ii.74
Draw up the Company, Where's the Taborour.Draw up the company. Where's the taborer?TNK III.v.23
And little Luce with the white legs, and bouncing Barbery.And little Luce with the white legs, and bouncing Barbary.TNK III.v.26
This is that scornefull peece, that scurvy hildingThis is that scornful piece, that scurvy hilding,TNK III.v.43
That gave her promise faithfully, she wouldThat gave her promise faithfully she wouldTNK III.v.44
be here, Cicely the Sempsters daughter:Be here – Cicely, the sempster's daughter;TNK III.v.45
The next gloves that I give her shall be dog skin;The next gloves that I give her shall be dogskin!TNK III.v.46
Nay and she faile me once, you can tell ArcasNay, an she fail me once – you can tell, Arcas,TNK III.v.47
She swore by wine, and bread, she would not breake.She swore by wine and bread she would not break.TNK III.v.48
Come Lasse, lets trip it.Come, lass, lets trip it.TNK III.v.90.2