Original textModern textKey line
Be of good comfort man; I bring you newes,Be of good comfort, man; I bring you news,TNK IV.i.17
Good newes.Good news.TNK IV.i.18.1
Palamon has cleerd you,Palamon has cleared you,TNK IV.i.18.3
And got your pardon, and discoverd / How,And got your pardon, and discovered howTNK IV.i.19
and by whose meanes he escapt, which was your Daughters,And by whose means he escaped, which was your daughter's,TNK IV.i.20
Whose pardon is procurd too, and the PrisonerWhose pardon is procured too; and the prisoner,TNK IV.i.21
Not to be held ungratefull to her goodnes,Not to be held ungrateful to her goodness,TNK IV.i.22
Has given a summe of money to her Marriage,Has given a sum of money to her marriage,TNK IV.i.23
A large one ile assure you.A large one, I'll assure you.TNK IV.i.24.1
Why, as it should be; they that nev'r begdWhy, as it should be; they that never beggedTNK IV.i.26
But they prevaild, had their suites fairely granted,But they prevailed had their suits fairly granted;TNK IV.i.27
The prisoners have their lives.The prisoners have their lives.TNK IV.i.28.1
But there be new conditions, which you'l heare ofBut there be new conditions, which you'll hear ofTNK IV.i.29
At better time.At better time.TNK IV.i.30.1
They are honourable,They are honourable;TNK IV.i.30.3
How good they'l prove, I know not.How good they'll prove I know not.TNK IV.i.31.1
How he lookes?How he looks!TNK IV.i.33.2
Not well?---Wooer, No Sir not well.Not well?TNK IV.i.45.3
Alas what pitty it is?Alas, what pity it is!TNK IV.i.94.1
This is strange.This is strange.TNK IV.i.133.2
No, would she did.No, would she did.TNK IV.i.141.1
Owgh, owgh, owgh,O, O, O!TNK IV.i.146
A faire wood.A fair wood.TNK IV.i.150.4