Original textModern textKey line
For your Mothers sake,For your mother's sake,TNK I.i.26.2
And as you wish your womb may thrive with faire ones,And as you wish your womb may thrive with fair ones,TNK I.i.27
Heare and respect me,Hear and respect me!TNK I.i.28
Honoured HypolitaHonoured Hippolyta,TNK I.i.77
Most dreaded Amazonian, that ha'st slaineMost dreaded Amazonian, that hast slainTNK I.i.78
The Sith-tuskd-Bore; that with thy Arme as strongThe scythe-tusked boar, that with thy arm as strongTNK I.i.79
As it is white, wast neere to make the maleAs it is white wast near to make the maleTNK I.i.80
To thy Sex captive; but that this thy LordTo thy sex captive, but that this thy lord,TNK I.i.81
Borne to uphold Creation, in that honourBorn to uphold creation in that honourTNK I.i.82
First nature stilde it in, shrunke thee intoFirst Nature styled it in, shrunk thee intoTNK I.i.83
The bownd thou wast ore-flowing; at once subduingThe bound thou wast o'erflowing, at once subduingTNK I.i.84
Thy force, and thy affection: SoldiresseThy force and thy affection; soldieress,TNK I.i.85
That equally canst poize sternenes with pitty,That equally canst poise sternness with pity,TNK I.i.86
Whom now I know hast much more power on himWhom now I know hast much more power on himTNK I.i.87
Then ever he had on thee, who ow'st his strength,Then ever he had on thee, who owest his strengthTNK I.i.88
And his, Love too: who is a Servant forAnd his love too, who is a servant forTNK I.i.89
The Tenour of the Speech. Deere Glasse of LadiesThe tenor of thy speech; dear glass of ladies,TNK I.i.90
Bid him that we whom flaming war doth scortch,Bid him that we whom flaming war doth scorchTNK I.i.91
Vnder the shaddow of his Sword, may coole us:Under the shadow of his sword may cool us;TNK I.i.92
Require him he advance it ore our heades;Require him he advance it o'er our heads;TNK I.i.93
Speak't in a womans key: like such a womanSpeak't in a woman's key, like such a womanTNK I.i.94
As any of us three; weepe ere you faile; As any of us three; weep ere you fail.TNK I.i.95
lend us a knee;Lend us a knee;TNK I.i.96
But touch the ground for us no longer timeBut touch the ground for us no longer timeTNK I.i.97
Then a Doves motion, when the head's pluckt off:Then a dove's motion when the head's plucked off;TNK I.i.98
Tell him if he i'th blood cizd field, lay swolneTell him, if he i'th' blood-sized field lay swollen,TNK I.i.99
Showing the Sun his Teeth; grinning at the MooneShowing the sun his teeth, grinning at the moon,TNK I.i.100
What you would doe.What you would do.TNK I.i.101.1
What greifes our bedsWhat griefs our beds,TNK I.i.140.2
That our deere Lords have none.That our dear lords have none.TNK I.i.141.1
Now you may take him,Now you may take him,TNK I.i.157.2
Drunke with his victory.Drunk with his victory.TNK I.i.158.1
Farewell.Farewell.TNK I.i.167.2
We come unseasonably: But when could greefeWe come unseasonably; but when could griefTNK I.i.168
Cull forth as unpanged judgement can, fit'st timeCull forth, as unpanged judgement can, fittest timeTNK I.i.169
For best solicitation.For best solicitation?TNK I.i.170.1
All Queens.ALL QUEENS 
Oh helpe nowO, help now!TNK I.i.199.2
Our Cause cries for your knee.Our cause cries for your knee.TNK I.i.200.1
And earnst a Deity equal with Mars,And earn'st a deity equal with Mars.TNK I.i.227
Both heaven and earthBoth heaven and earthTNK I.iv.1.2
Friend thee for ever.Friend thee for ever.TNK I.iv.2.1
And this to yours.And this to yours.TNK I.v.13.1