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Sad Lady rise.Sad lady, rise.TNK I.i.35.1
What's your request? Deliver you for all.What's your request? Deliver you for all.TNK I.i.38
Pray you kneele not,Pray you kneel not;TNK I.i.54.2
I was transported with your Speech, and suffer'dI was transported with your speech, and sufferedTNK I.i.55
Your knees to wrong themselves; I have heard the fortunesYour knees to wrong themselves. I have heard the fortunesTNK I.i.56
Of your dead Lords, which gives me such lamentingOf your dead lords, which gives me such lamentingTNK I.i.57
As wakes my vengeance, and revenge for 'em.As wakes my vengeance and revenge for 'em.TNK I.i.58
King Capaneus, was your Lord the dayKing Capaneus was your lord; the dayTNK I.i.59
That he should marry you, at such a season,That he should marry you, at such a seasonTNK I.i.60
As now it is with me, I met your Groome,As now it is with me, I met your groom.TNK I.i.61
By Marsis Altar, you were that time faire;By Mars's altar, you were that time fair;TNK I.i.62
Not Iunos Mantle fairer then your Tresses,Not Juno's mantle fairer then your tresses,TNK I.i.63
Nor in more bounty spread her. Your wheaten wreatheNor in more bounty spread her; your wheaten wreathTNK I.i.64
Was then nor threashd, nor blasted; Fortune at youWas then nor threshed nor blasted; Fortune at youTNK I.i.65
Dimpled her Cheeke with smiles: Hercules our kinesmanDimpled her cheeks with smiles. Hercules our kinsman – TNK I.i.66
(Then weaker than your eies) laide by his Club,Then weaker than your eyes – laid by his club;TNK I.i.67
He tumbled downe upon his Nenuan hideHe tumbled down upon his Nemean hideTNK I.i.68
And swore his sinews thawd: O greife, and time,And swore his sinews thawed. O grief and time,TNK I.i.69
Fearefull consumers, you will all devoure.Fearful consumers, you will all devour!TNK I.i.70
O no knees, none Widdow,O, no knees, none, widow;TNK I.i.74.2
Vnto the Helmeted-Belona use them,Unto the helmeted Bellona use them,TNK I.i.75
And pray for me your Souldier. Troubled I am.And pray for me, your soldier; troubled I am.TNK I.i.76
Forward to'th Temple, leave not out a IotForward to th' temple! Leave not out a jotTNK I.i.130
O'th sacred Ceremony.O'th' sacred ceremony.TNK I.i.131.1
It is true.It is true,TNK I.i.147.2
and I will give you comfort,And I will give you comfort,TNK I.i.148
To give your dead Lords graves: / The which to doe,To give your dead lords graves; the which to doTNK I.i.149
must make some worke with Creou;Must make some work with Creon.TNK I.i.150.1
Artesuis that best knowestArtesius, that best knowestTNK I.i.159.2
How to draw out fit to this enterpise,How to draw out fit to this enterpriseTNK I.i.160
The prim'st for this proceeding, and the numberThe primest for this proceeding, and the numberTNK I.i.161
To carry such a businesse, forth and levyTo carry such a business, forth and levyTNK I.i.162
Our worthiest Instruments, whilst we despatchOur worthiest instruments, whilst we dispatchTNK I.i.163
This grand act of our life, this daring deedeThis grand act of our life, this daring deedTNK I.i.164
Of Fate in wedlocke.Of fate in wedlock.TNK I.i.165.1
Why good Ladies,Why, good ladies,TNK I.i.170.2
This is a service, whereto I am going,This is a service, whereto I am going,TNK I.i.171
Greater then any was; it more imports meGreater than any war; it more imports meTNK I.i.172
Then all the actions that I have foregone,Than all the actions that I have foregoneTNK I.i.173
Or futurely can cope.Or futurely can cope.TNK I.i.174.1
Pray stand up.Pray stand up.TNK I.i.205.2
I am entreating of my selfe to doeI am entreating of myself to doTNK I.i.206
That which you kneele to have me;That which you kneel to have me.TNK I.i.207.1
PyrithousPirithous,TNK I.i.207.2
Leade on the Bride; get you and pray the GodsLead on the bride; get you and pray the godsTNK I.i.208
For successe, and returne, omit not any thingFor success and return; omit not anythingTNK I.i.209
In the pretended Celebration: QueenesIn the pretended celebration. Queens,TNK I.i.210
Follow your Soldier (as before) hence youFollow your soldier. (To Artesius) As before, hence you,TNK I.i.211
And at the banckes of Anly meete us withAnd at the banks of Aulis meet us withTNK I.i.212
The forces you can raise, where we shall findeThe forces you can raise, where we shall findTNK I.i.213
The moytie of a number, for a busines,The moiety of a number for a businessTNK I.i.214
More bigger look't; since that our Theame is hasteMore bigger-looked. (To Hippolyta) Since that our theme is haste,TNK I.i.215
I stamp this kisse upon thy currant lippe,I stamp this kiss upon thy current lip; TNK I.i.216
Sweete keepe it as my Token; Set you forwardSweet, keep it as my token. – Set you forward,TNK I.i.217
For I will see you gone.For I will see you gone.TNK I.i.218
Farewell my beauteous Sister: PyrithousFarewell, my beauteous sister. Pirithous,TNK I.i.219
Keepe the feast full, bate not an howre on't.Keep the feast full, bate not an hour on't.TNK I.i.220.1
Cosen I charge youCousin, I charge you,TNK I.i.222.2
Boudge not from Athens; We shall be returningBudge not from Athens. We shall be returningTNK I.i.223
Ere you can end this Feast; of which I pray youEre you can end this feast, of which I pray youTNK I.i.224
Make no abatement; once more farewell all.Make no abatement. Once more, farewell all.TNK I.i.225
As we are menAs we are men,TNK I.i.231.2
Thus should we doe, being sensually subdudeThus should we do; being sensually subdued,TNK I.i.232
We loose our humane tytle; good cheere Ladies.We lose our human title. Good cheer, ladies;TNK I.i.233
Now turne we towards your Comforts.Now turn we towards your comforts. TNK I.i.234
Th'imparciall Gods, who from the mounted heavensTh' impartial gods, who from the mounted heavensTNK I.iv.4
View us their mortall Heard, behold who erre,View us their mortal herd, behold who err,TNK I.iv.5
And in their time chastice: goe and finde outAnd in their time chastise. Go and find outTNK I.iv.6
The bones of your dead Lords, and honour themThe bones of your dead lords, and honour themTNK I.iv.7
With treble Ceremonie, rather then a gapWith treble ceremony; rather than a gapTNK I.iv.8
Should be in their deere rights, we would suppl'it.Should be in their dear rights, we would supply't.TNK I.iv.9
But those we will depute, which shall investBut those we will depute which shall investTNK I.iv.10
You in your dignities, and even each thingYou in your dignities, and even each thingTNK I.iv.11
Our hast does leave imperfect; So adiewOur haste does leave imperfect. So adieu,TNK I.iv.12
And heavens good eyes looke on you,And heaven's good eyes look on you.TNK I.iv.13
what are those?What are those?TNK I.iv.14.1
By'th Helme of Mars, I saw them in the war,By th' helm of Mars, I saw them in the war,TNK I.iv.17
Like to a paire of Lions, smeard with prey,Like to a pair of lions, smeared with prey,TNK I.iv.18
Make lanes in troopes agast. I fixt my noteMake lanes in troops aghast. I fixed my noteTNK I.iv.19
Constantly on them; for they were a markeConstantly on them, for they were a markTNK I.iv.20
Worth a god's view: what prisoner was't that told meWorth a god's view. What prisoner was't that told meTNK I.iv.21
When I enquired their names?When I inquired their names?TNK I.iv.22.1
Tis right, those, those'Tis right; those, those.TNK I.iv.23.2
They are not dead?They are not dead?TNK I.iv.24
Then like men use'emThen like men use 'em.TNK I.iv.28.2
The very lees of such (millions of rates)The very lees of such, millions of rates,TNK I.iv.29
Exceede the wine of others: all our SurgionsExceed the wine of others. All our surgeonsTNK I.iv.30
Convent in their behoofe, our richest balmesConvent in their behoof; our richest balms,TNK I.iv.31
Rather then niggard wast, their lives concerne us,Rather than niggard, waste; their lives concern usTNK I.iv.32
Much more then Thebs is worth, rather then have 'emMuch more than Thebes is worth. Rather than have 'emTNK I.iv.33
Freed of this plight, and in their morning stateFreed of this plight and in their morning state,TNK I.iv.34
(Sound and at liberty) I would 'em dead,Sound and at liberty, I would 'em dead;TNK I.iv.35
But forty thousand fold, we had rather have 'emBut forty-thousandfold we had rather have 'emTNK I.iv.36
Prisoners to us, then death; Beare 'em speedilyPrisoners to us then death. Bear 'em speedilyTNK I.iv.37
From our kinde aire, to them unkinde, and ministerFrom our kind air, to them unkind, and ministerTNK I.iv.38
What man to man may doe for our sake more,What man to man may do – for our sake, more,TNK I.iv.39
Since I have knowne frights, fury, friends, beheastes,Since I have known frights, fury, friends' behests,TNK I.iv.40
Loves, provocations, zeale, a mistris Taske,Love's provocations, zeal, a mistress' task,TNK I.iv.41
Desire of liberty, a feavour, madnes,Desire of liberty, a fever, madness,TNK I.iv.42
Hath set a marke which nature could not reach tooHath set a mark which nature could not reach toTNK I.iv.43
Without some imposition, sicknes in willWithout some imposition, sickness in willTNK I.iv.44
Or wrastling strength in reason, for our LoveO'erwrestling strength in reason. For our loveTNK I.iv.45
And great Appollos mercy, all our best,And great Apollo's mercy, all our bestTNK I.iv.46
Their best skill tender. Leade into the Citty,Their best skill tender. Lead into the city,TNK I.iv.47
Where having bound things scatterd, we will postWhere having bound things scattered, we will postTNK I.iv.48
To Athens for our Army.To Athens 'fore our army.TNK I.iv.49
You have done worthily; I have not seeneYou have done worthily; I have not seen,TNK II.iv.1
Since Hercules, a man of tougher synewes;Since Hercules, a man of tougher sinews.TNK II.iv.2
What ere you are, you run the best, and wrastle,Whate'er you are, you run the best and wrestleTNK II.iv.3
That these times can allow.That these times can allow.TNK II.iv.4.1
What Countrie bred you?What country bred you?TNK II.iv.5.1
Are you a Gentleman?Are you a gentleman?TNK II.iv.6.1
Are you his heire?Are you his heir?TNK II.iv.8.1
Your FatherYour fatherTNK II.iv.8.3
Sure is a happy Sire then: what prooves you?Sure is a happy sire, then. What proves you?TNK II.iv.9
You are perfect.You are perfect.TNK II.iv.15.2
What made you seeke this place Sir?What made you seek this place, sir?TNK II.iv.25.1
Sir, we are much endebted to your travell,Sir, we are much indebted to your travel,TNK II.iv.30
Nor shall you loose your wish: PerithousNor shall you lose your wish; Pirithous,TNK II.iv.31
Dispose of this faire Gentleman.Dispose of this fair gentleman.TNK II.iv.32.1
Sweet, you must be readie,Sweet, you must be ready,TNK II.iv.49.2
And you Emilia, and you (Friend) and allAnd you, Emilia, and you, friend, and all,TNK II.iv.50
To morrow by the Sun, to doe observanceTomorrow by the sun, to do observanceTNK II.iv.51
To flowry May, in Dians wood: waite well SirTo flowery May, in Dian's wood. Wait well, sir,TNK II.iv.52
Vpon your Mistris: Emely, I hopeUpon your mistress; Emily, I hopeTNK II.iv.53
He shall not goe a foote.He shall not go afoot.TNK II.iv.54.1
Go leade the way; you have won it:Go lead the way; you have won it.TNK II.iv.60.2
It shall be so; you shall receave all duesIt shall be so; you shall receive all duesTNK II.iv.61
Fit for the honour you have won; Twer wrong else,Fit for the honour you have won, 'twere wrong else. – TNK II.iv.62
Sister, beshrew my heart, you have a Servant,Sister, beshrew my heart, you have a servantTNK II.iv.63
That if I were a woman, would be Master,That, if I were a woman, would be master;TNK II.iv.64
But you are wise.But you are wise.TNK II.iv.65.1
This way the Stag tooke.This way the stag took.TNK III.v.95.1
What have we here?What have we here?TNK III.v.96.1
Well Sir, goe forward, we will edifie.Well, sir, go forward, we will edify.TNK III.v.97
Ladies sit downe, wee'l stay it.Ladies, sit down; we'll stay it.TNK III.v.98
This is a cold beginning.This is a cold beginning.TNK III.v.100
I, I by any meanes, deere Domine.Ay, ay, by any means, dear dominie.TNK III.v.134
Take 20. Domine; how does my sweet heart.Take twenty, dominie. (To Hippolyta) How does my sweetheart?TNK III.v.147
Schoolemaster, I thanke yon, One see'em all rewarded.Schoolmaster, I thank you. – One see 'em all rewarded.TNK III.v.150
Now to our sports againe.Now to our sports again.TNK III.v.152
What ignorant and mad malicious Traitors,What ignorant and mad malicious traitorsTNK
Are you? That gainst the tenor of my LawesAre you, that 'gainst the tenor of my lawsTNK
Are making Battaile, thus like Knights appointed,Are making battle, thus like knights appointed,TNK
Without my leave, and Officers of Armes?Without my leave and officers of arms?TNK
By Castor both shall dye.By Castor, both shall die.TNK
I have sworne.I have sworn.TNK
I grant your wish, for to say true, your CosenI grant your wish, for to say true your cousinTNK
Has ten times more offended, for I gave himHas ten times more offended, for I gave himTNK
More mercy then you found, Sir, your offensesMore mercy than you found, sir, your offencesTNK
Being no more then his: None here speake for 'emBeing no more than his. None here speak for 'em;TNK
For ere the Sun set, both shall sleepe for ever.For ere the sun set, both shall sleep for ever.TNK
These are strange Conjurings.These are strange conjurings.TNK
Ye make my faith reele: Say I feltYe make my faith reel. Say I feltTNK
Compassion to 'em both, how would you place it?Compassion to 'em both, how would you place it?TNK
You are a right woman, Sister; you have pitty,You are a right woman, sister; you have pity,TNK
But want the vnderstanding where to use it.But want the understanding where to use it.TNK
If you desire their lives, invent a wayIf you desire their lives, invent a wayTNK
Safer then banishment: Can these two liveSafer than banishment; can these two live,TNK
And have the agony of love about 'em,And have the agony of love about 'em,TNK
And not kill one another? Every dayAnd not kill one another? Every dayTNK
The'yld fight about yov; howrely bring your honourThey'd fight about you, hourly bring your honourTNK
In publique question with their Swords; Be wise thenIn public question with their swords. Be wise then,TNK
And here forget 'em; it concernes your credit,And here forget 'em; it concerns your creditTNK
And my oth equally: I have said they die,And my oath equally; I have said they die.TNK
Better they fall by 'th law, then one another.Better they fall by th' law than one another.TNK
Bow not my honor.Bow not my honour.TNK
What is it Sister?What is it, sister?TNK
On what conditions?On what conditions?TNK
Will you ArciteWill you, Arcite,TNK
Take these conditions?Take these conditions?TNK
What may be done? for now I feele compassion.What may be done? For now I feel compassion.TNK
Say EmiliaSay, Emilia,TNK
If one of them were dead, as one muff, are youIf one of them were dead, as one must, are youTNK
Content to take th' other to your husband?Content to take the other to your husband?TNK
They cannot both enjoy you; They are PrincesThey cannot both enjoy you. They are princesTNK
As goodly as your owne eyes, and as nobleAs goodly as your own eyes, and as nobleTNK
As ever fame yet spoke of; looke upon 'em,As ever fame yet spoke of; look upon 'em,TNK
And if you can love, end this difference,And if you can love, end this difference.TNK
I give consent, are you content too Princes?I give consent; are you content too, princes?TNK
He that she refusesHe that she refusesTNK
Must dye then.Must die then.TNK
Make choice then.Make choice then.TNK
Thus I ordaine it,Thus I ordain it,TNK
And by mine honor, once againe it stands,And by mine honour once again, it stands,TNK
Or both shall dye. You shall both to your Countrey,Or both shall die: you shall both to your country,TNK
And each within this moneth accompaniedAnd each within this month, accompaniedTNK
With three faire Knights, appeare againe in this place,With three fair knights, appear again in this place,TNK
In which Ile plant a Pyramid; and whetherIn which I'll plant a pyramid; and whether,TNK
Before us that are here, can force his CosenBefore us that are here, can force his cousinTNK
By fayre and knightly strength to touch the Pillar,By fair and knightly strength to touch the pillar,TNK
He shall enjoy her: the other loose his head,He shall enjoy her; the other lose his head,TNK
And all his friends; Nor shall he grudge to fall,And all his friends; nor shall he grudge to fall,TNK
Nor thinke he dies with interest in this Lady:Nor think he dies with interest in this lady.TNK
Will this content yee?Will this content ye?TNK
Are you content Sister?Are you content, sister?TNK
Come shake hands againe then,Come, shake hands again then,TNK
And take heede, as you are Gentlemen, this QuarrellAnd take heed, as you are gentlemen, this quarrelTNK
Sleepe till the howre prefixt, and hold your course.Sleep till the hour prefixed, and hold your course.TNK
Come, Ile give yeCome, I'll give yeTNK
Now usage like to Princes, and to Friends:Now usage like to princes and to friends.TNK
When ye returne, who wins, Ile settle heere,When ye return, who wins, I'll settle here;TNK
Who looses, yet Ile weepe upon his Beere.Who loses, yet I'll weep upon his bier.TNK
Bring 'em inBring 'em inTNK IV.ii.64.2
quickly, / By any meanes, I long to see 'em.Quickly, by any means; I long to see 'em. – TNK IV.ii.65
Your two contending Lovers are return'd,Your two contending lovers are returned,TNK IV.ii.66
And with them their faire Knights: Now my faire Sister,And with them their fair knights; now, my fair sister,TNK IV.ii.67
You must love one of them.You must love one of them.TNK IV.ii.68.1
Who saw 'em?Who saw 'em?TNK IV.ii.70.1
From whence come you Sir?From whence come you, sir?TNK IV.ii.71.1
Pray speakePray speak,TNK IV.ii.71.3
You that have seene them, what they are.You that have seen them, what they are.TNK IV.ii.72.1
Thou ha'st well describde him,Thou hast well described him.TNK IV.ii.89.1
Pray speake him friend.Pray speak him, friend.TNK IV.ii.91.1
Are they all thus?Are they all thus?TNK IV.ii.141.1
Now as I have a soule I long to see 'em,Now, as I have a soul, I long to see 'em!TNK IV.ii.142
Lady you shall see men fight now.Lady, you shall see men fight now.TNK IV.ii.143.1
You have steel'd 'em with your Beautie: honord Friend,You have steeled 'em with your beauty. – Honoured friend,TNK IV.ii.149
To you I give the Feild; pray order it,To you I give the field; pray order itTNK IV.ii.150
Fitting the persons that must use it.Fitting the persons that must use it.TNK IV.ii.151.1
Come, Ile goe visit 'em: I cannot stay.Come, I'll go visit 'em; I cannot stay – TNK IV.ii.152
Their fame has fir'd me so; Till they appeare,Their fame has fired me so – till they appear.TNK IV.ii.153
Good Friend be royall.Good friend, be royal.TNK IV.ii.154.1
Now let 'em enter, and before the godsNow let 'em enter, and before the godsTNK V.i.1
Tender their holy prayers: Let the TemplesTender their holy prayers; let the templesTNK V.i.2
Burne bright with sacred fires, and the AltarsBurn bright with sacred fires, and the altarsTNK V.i.3
In hallowed clouds commend their swelling IncenseIn hallowed clouds commend their swelling incenseTNK V.i.4
To those above us: Let no due be wanting,To those above us. Let no due be wanting;TNK V.i.5
They have a noble worke in hand, will honourThey have a noble work in hand, will honourTNK V.i.6
The very powers that love 'em.The very powers that love 'em.TNK V.i.7.1
You valiant and strong harted EnemiesYou valiant and strong-hearted enemies,TNK V.i.8
You royall German foes, that this day comeYou royal german foes, that this day comeTNK V.i.9
To blow that nearenesse out that flames betweene ye;To blow that nearness out that flames between ye,TNK V.i.10
Lay by your anger for an houre, and dove-likeLay by your anger for an hour, and dove-likeTNK V.i.11
Before the holy Altars of your helpersBefore the holy altars of your helpers,TNK V.i.12
(The all feard gods) bow downe your stubborne bodies,The all-feared gods, bow down your stubborn bodies.TNK V.i.13
Your ire is more than mortall; So your helpe be,Your ire is more than mortal; so your help be,TNK V.i.14
And as the gods regard ye, fight with Iustice,And as the gods regard ye, fight with justice.TNK V.i.15
Ile leave you to your prayers, and betwixt yeI'll leave you to your prayers, and betwixt yeTNK V.i.16
I part my wishes.I part my wishes.TNK V.i.17.1
Oh she must.O, she must;TNK V.iii.11.2
She shall see deeds of honour in their kinde,She shall see deeds of honour in their kindTNK V.iii.12
Which sometime show well pencild. Nature nowWhich sometime show well pencilled. Nature nowTNK V.iii.13
Shall make, and act the Story, the beleifeShall make and act the story, the beliefTNK V.iii.14
Both seald with eye, and eare; you must be present,Both sealed with eye and ear. (To Emilia) You must be present;TNK V.iii.15
You are the victours meede, the price, and garlondYou are the victor's meed, the prize and garlandTNK V.iii.16
To crowne the Questions title.To crown the question's title.TNK V.iii.17.1
You must be there;You must be there;TNK V.iii.18.2
This Tryall is as t'wer i'th night, and youThis trial is as 'twere i'th' night, and youTNK V.iii.19
The onely star to shine.The only star to shine.TNK V.iii.20.1
Why the knights must kindleWhy, the knights must kindleTNK V.iii.29.2
Their valour at your eye: know of this warTheir valour at your eye; know of this warTNK V.iii.30
You are the Treasure, and must needes be byYou are the treasure, and must needs be byTNK V.iii.31
To give the Service pay.To give the service pay.TNK V.iii.32.1
Well, well then, at your pleasure,Well, well, then, at your pleasure.TNK V.iii.34.2
Those that remaine with you, could wish their officeThose that remain with you could wish their officeTNK V.iii.35
To any of their Enemies.To any of their enemies.TNK V.iii.36.1
Lo, where our Sister is in expectation,Lo, where our sister is in expectation,TNK V.iii.105
Yet quaking, and unsetled: Fairest Emily,Yet quaking and unsettled! – Fairest Emily,TNK V.iii.106
The gods by their divine arbitramentThe gods by their divine arbitrementTNK V.iii.107
Have given you this Knight, he is a good oneHave given you this knight; he is a good oneTNK V.iii.108
As ever strooke at head: Give me your hands;As ever struck at head. Give me your hands.TNK V.iii.109
Receive you her, you him, be plighted withReceive you her, you him; be plighted withTNK V.iii.110
A love that growes, as you decay;A love that grows as you decay.TNK V.iii.111.1
O loved Sister,O loved sister,TNK V.iii.114.2
He speakes now of as brave a Knight as ereHe speaks now of as brave a knight as e'erTNK V.iii.115
Did spur a noble Steed: Surely the godsDid spur a noble steed; surely, the godsTNK V.iii.116
Would have him die a Batchelour, least his raceWould have him die a bachelor, lest his raceTNK V.iii.117
Should shew i'th world too godlike: His behaviourShould show i'th' world too godlike! His behaviourTNK V.iii.118
So charmd me, that me thought Alcides wasSo charmed me that methought Alcides wasTNK V.iii.119
To him a sow of lead: if I could praiseTo him a sow of lead. If I could praiseTNK V.iii.120
Each part of him to'th all; I have spoke, your ArciteEach part of him to th' all I have spoke, your ArciteTNK V.iii.121
Did not loose by't; For he that was thus goodDid not lose by't; for he that was thus goodTNK V.iii.122
Encountred yet his Better, I have heardEncountered yet his better. I have heardTNK V.iii.123
Two emulous Philomels, beate the eare o'th nightTwo emulous Philomels beat the ear o'th' nightTNK V.iii.124
With their contentious throates, now one the higher,With their contentious throats, now one the higher,TNK V.iii.125
Anon the other, then againe the first,Anon the other, then again the first,TNK V.iii.126
And by and by out breasted, that the senceAnd by and by outbreasted, that the senseTNK V.iii.127
Could not be judge betweene 'em: So it far'dCould not be judge between 'em; so it faredTNK V.iii.128
Good space betweene these kinesmen; till heavens didGood space between these kinsmen, till heavens didTNK V.iii.129
Make hardly one the winner: weare the GirlondMake hardly one the winner. – Wear the garlandTNK V.iii.130
With joy that you have won: For the subdude,With joy that you have won. – For the subdued,TNK V.iii.131
Give them our present Iustice, since I knowGive them our present justice, since I knowTNK V.iii.132
Their lives but pinch 'em; Let it here be done:Their lives but pinch 'em; let it here be done.TNK V.iii.133
The Sceane's not for our seeing, goe we hence,The scene's not for our seeing; go we hence,TNK V.iii.134
Right joyfull, with some sorrow. Arme your prize,Right joyful, with some sorrow. (To Arcite) Arm your prize;TNK V.iii.135
I know you will not loose her:I know you will not lose her.TNK V.iii.136.1
HipolitaHippolyta,TNK V.iii.136.2
I see one eye of yours conceives a teareI see one eye of yours conceives a tear,TNK V.iii.137
The which it will deliver..The which it will deliver.TNK V.iii.138.1
So it is.So it is.TNK V.iii.146.2
In this place first you fought: ev'n very hereIn this place first you fought; e'en very hereTNK V.iv.99
I sundred you, acknowledge to the godsI sundered you. Acknowledge to the godsTNK V.iv.100
Our thankes that you are living:Your thanks that you are living.TNK V.iv.101
His part is playd, and though it were too shortHis part is played, and though it were too shortTNK V.iv.102
He did it well: your day is lengthned, and,He did it well; your day is lengthened, andTNK V.iv.103
The blissefull dew of heaven do's arowze you.The blissful dew of heaven does arrouse you.TNK V.iv.104
The powerfull Venus, well hath grac'd her Altar,The powerful Venus well hath graced her altar,TNK V.iv.105
And given you your love: Our Master MarsAnd given you your love; our master MarsTNK V.iv.106
Hast vouch'd his Oracle, and to Arcite gaveHath vouched his oracle, and to Arcite gaveTNK V.iv.107
The grace of the Contention: So the DeitiesThe grace of the contention; so the deitiesTNK V.iv.108
Have shewd due justice: Beare this hence.Have showed due justice. Bear this hence.TNK V.iv.109.1
Never FortuneNever fortuneTNK V.iv.112.2
Did play a subtler Game: The conquerd triumphes,Did play a subtler game: the conquered triumphs,TNK V.iv.113
The victor has the Losse: yet in the passage,The victor has the loss; yet in the passageTNK V.iv.114
The gods have beene most equall: Palamon,The gods have been most equal. Palamon,TNK V.iv.115
Your kinseman hath confest the right o'th LadyYour kinsman hath confessed the right o'th' ladyTNK V.iv.116
Did lye in you, for you first saw her, andDid lie in you, for you first saw her, andTNK V.iv.117
Even then proclaimd your fancie: He restord herEven then proclaimed your fancy; he restored herTNK V.iv.118
As your stolne Iewell, and desir'd your spiritAs your stolen jewel, and desired your spiritTNK V.iv.119
To send him hence forgiven; The gods my justiceTo send him hence forgiven. The gods my justiceTNK V.iv.120
Take from my hand, and they themselves becomeTake from my hand, and they themselves becomeTNK V.iv.121
The Executioners: Leade your Lady off;The executioners. Lead your lady off;TNK V.iv.122
And call your Lovers from the stage of death,And call your lovers from the stage of death,TNK V.iv.123
Whom I adopt my Frinds. A day or twoWhom I adopt my friends. A day or twoTNK V.iv.124
Let us looke sadly, and give grace untoLet us look sadly, and give grace untoTNK V.iv.125
The Funerall of Arcite, in whose endThe funeral of Arcite, in whose endTNK V.iv.126
The visages of Bridegroomes weele put onThe visages of bridegrooms we'll put onTNK V.iv.127
And smile with Palamon; for whom an houre,And smile with Palamon; for whom an hour,TNK V.iv.128
But one houre since, I was as dearely sorry,But one hour since, I was as dearly sorryTNK V.iv.129
As glad of Arcite: and am now as glad,As glad of Arcite, and am now as gladTNK V.iv.130
As for him sorry. O you heavenly Charmers,As for him sorry. O you heavenly charmers,TNK V.iv.131
What things you make of us? For what we lackeWhat things you make of us! For what we lackTNK V.iv.132
We laugh, for what we have, are sorry still,We laugh; for what we have are sorry; stillTNK V.iv.133
Are children in some kind. Let us be thankefullAre children in some kind. Let us be thankfulTNK V.iv.134
For that which is, and with you leave disputeFor that which is, and with you leave disputeTNK V.iv.135
That are above our question: Let's goe off,That are above our question. Let's go off,TNK V.iv.136
And beare us like the time.And bear us like the time.TNK V.iv.137