Original textModern textKey line
And I.And I.TNK II.ii.26
I, doe but putAy, do but putTNK II.ii.33.2
a feskue in her fist, and you shall see herA fescue in her fist, and you shall see her TNK II.ii.34
Take a new lesson out, and be a good wench.Take a new lesson out, and be a good wench.TNK II.ii.35
Doe we all hold, against the Maying?Do we all hold against the maying?TNK II.ii.36.1
Arcas will be there.Arcas will be there.TNK II.ii.37.2
Hee'l eate a hornebooke ere he faile: goe too,He'll eat a hornbook ere he fail. Go to,TNK II.ii.42
the matter's too farre driven betweene him,The matter's too far driven between himTNK II.ii.43
and the Tanners daughter, to let slip now,And the tanner's daughter to let slip now;TNK II.ii.44
and she must see the Duke, and she must daunce too.And she must see the Duke, and she must dance too.TNK II.ii.45
Weele see the sports, then every man to's Tackle:We'll see the sports, then every man to's tackle;TNK II.ii.55
and / Sweete Companions lets rehearse by any meanes,And, sweet companions, let's rehearse by any meansTNK II.ii.56
before / The Ladies see us, and doe sweetly,Before the ladies see us, and do sweetly,TNK II.ii.57
and God knows what / May come on't.And God knows what may come on't.TNK II.ii.58
To the Games my Friend.To the games, my friend.TNK II.ii.63.2
Thou wilt not goe along.Thou wilt not go along?TNK II.ii.69.1
Why Timothy.Why, Timothy!TNK III.v.24.1
Dispersd as you commanded.Dispersed as you commanded.TNK III.v.32.1
WhatWhatTNK III.v.53.2
Shall we determine Sir?Shall we determine, sir?TNK III.v.54.1
Ther's a dainty mad woman Mr.There's a dainty madwoman, master,TNK III.v.73
comes i'th Nick as mad as a march hare:Comes i'th' nick, as mad as a March hare.TNK III.v.74
if wee can get her daunce, wee are made againe:If we can get her dance, we are made again;TNK III.v.75
I warrant her, shee'l doe the rarest gambols.I warrant her, she'll do the rarest gambols.TNK III.v.76
Doe, doe.Do, do.TNK III.v.91.2