Original textModern textKey line
Now for the love of him whom Iove hath markdNow for the love of him whom Jove hath markedTNK I.i.29
The honour of your Bed, and for the sakeThe honour of your bed, and for the sakeTNK I.i.30
Of cleere virginity, be AdvocateOf clear virginity, be advocateTNK I.i.31
For us, and our distresses: This good deedeFor us and our distresses! This good deedTNK I.i.32
Shall raze you out o'th Booke of TrespassesShall raze you out o'th' book of trespassesTNK I.i.33
All you are set downe there.All you are set down thereTNK I.i.34
O my petition wasO, my petition wasTNK I.i.106.2
Set downe in yce, which by hot greefe uncandiedSet down in ice, which by hot grief uncandiedTNK I.i.107
Melts into drops, so sorrow wanting formeMelts into drops; so sorrow wanting formTNK I.i.108
Is prest with deeper matter.Is pressed with deeper matter.TNK I.i.109.1
O woe,O woe,TNK I.i.110.2
You cannot reade it there; there through my teares,You cannot read it there; there through my tears,TNK I.i.111
Like wrinckled peobles in a glasse streameLike wrinkled pebbles in a glassy stream,TNK I.i.112
You may behold 'em (Lady, Lady, alacke)You may behold 'em. Lady, lady, alack,TNK I.i.113
He that will all the Treasure know o'th earthHe that will all the treasure know o'th' earthTNK I.i.114
Must know the Center too; he that will fishMust know the centre too; he that will fishTNK I.i.115
For my least minnow, let him lead his lineFor my least minnow, let him lead his lineTNK I.i.116
To catch one at my heart. O pardon me,To catch one at my heart. O, pardon me!TNK I.i.117
Extremity that sharpens sundry witsExtremity that sharpens sundry witsTNK I.i.118
Makes me a Foole.Makes me a fool.TNK I.i.119.1
None fit for'th dead:None fit for th' dead.TNK I.i.141.2
Those that with Cordes, Knives, drams precipitance,Those that with cords, knives, drams, precipitance,TNK I.i.142
Weary of this worlds light, have to themselvesWeary of this world's light, have to themselvesTNK I.i.143
Beene deathes most horrid Agents, humaine graceBeen death's most horrid agents, human graceTNK I.i.144
Affords them dust and shaddow.Affords them dust and shadow.TNK I.i.145.1
And his Army fullAnd his army fullTNK I.i.158.2
Of Bread, and sloth.Of bread and sloth.TNK I.i.159.1
Farewell.Farewell.TNK I.i.167.2
All Queens.ALL QUEENS 
Oh helpe nowO, help now!TNK I.i.199.2
Our Cause cries for your knee.Our cause cries for your knee.TNK I.i.200.1
If not above him, forIf not above him, forTNK I.i.228
Thou being but mortall makest affections bendThou being but mortal makest affections bendTNK I.i.229
To Godlike honours; they themselves some sayTo godlike honours; they themselves, some say,TNK I.i.230
Grone under such a Mastry.Groan under such a mastery.TNK I.i.231.1
All the good that mayAll the good that mayTNK I.iv.2.2
Be wishd upon thy head, I cry Amen too't.Be wished upon thy head, I cry amen to't.TNK I.iv.3
This funeral path, brings to your housholds grave:This funeral path brings to your household's grave.TNK I.v.11
Ioy ceaze on you againe: peace sleepe with him.Joy seize on you again; peace sleep with him.TNK I.v.12
This world's a Citty full of straying Streetes,This world's a city full of straying streets,TNK I.v.15
And Death's the market place, where each one meetes.And death's the market-place, where each one meets.TNK I.v.16