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Saue your Grace. God save your grace!2H4 II.ii.69
Away, you horson vpright Rabbet, away. Away, you whoreson upright rabbit, away!2H4 II.ii.81
If you do not make him be hang'd among An you do not make him be hanged among2H4 II.ii.90
you, the gallowes shall be wrong'd. you, the gallows shall have wrong.2H4 II.ii.91
Well, my good Lord: he heard of your Graces Well, my lord. He heard of your grace's2H4 II.ii.93
comming to Towne. There's a Letter for you. coming to town. There's a letter for you.2H4 II.ii.94
In bodily health Sir. In bodily health, sir.2H4 II.ii.97
Yes my Lord. Yea, my lord.2H4 II.ii.138
At the old place my Lord, in East-cheape. At the old place, my lord, in Eastcheap.2H4 II.ii.141
I haue no tongue, sir. I have no tongue, sir.2H4 II.ii.157
'Pray thee goe downe, good Ancient. Pray thee go down, good ancient.2H4 II.iv.147
Be gone, good Ancient: this will grow to a Be gone, good ancient; this will grow to a2H4 II.iv.167
Brawle anon. brawl anon.2H4 II.iv.168
Come, get you downe stayres. Come, get you downstairs.2H4 II.iv.190
Yes Sir: the Rascall's drunke: you haue hurt Yea, sir, the rascal's drunk. You have hurt2H4 II.iv.208
him (Sir) in the shoulder. him sir, i'th' shoulder.2H4 II.iv.209
You must away to Court, Sir, presently, You must away to court, sir, presently.2H4 II.iv.366
A dozen Captaines stay at doore for you. A dozen captains stay at door for you.2H4 II.iv.367
Mistris Teare-sheet. Mistress Tearsheet!2H4 II.iv.380
Bid Mistris Teare-sheet come to my Master. Bid Mistress Tearsheet come to my master.2H4 II.iv.382
I beseech you, which is Iustice Shallow? I beseech you, which is Justice Shallow?2H4 III.ii.55
My Captaine (Sir) commends him to you: my My captain, sir, commends him to you, my2H4 III.ii.59
Captaine, Sir Iohn Falstaffe: a tall Gentleman, captain Sir John Falstaff, a tall gentleman, by heaven,2H4 III.ii.60
and a most gallant Leader. and a most gallant leader.2H4 III.ii.61
Sir, pardon: a Souldier is better accommodated, Sir, pardon; a soldier is better accommodated2H4 III.ii.65
then with a Wife. than with a wife.2H4 III.ii.66
Pardon, Sir, I haue heard the word. Phrase Pardon, sir, I have heard the word – phrase2H4 III.ii.72
call you it? by this Day, I know not the Phrase: but I call you it? By this day, I know not the phrase, but I2H4 III.ii.73
will maintaine the Word with my Sword, to bee a Souldier-like will maintain the word with my sword to be a soldier-like2H4 III.ii.74
Word, and a Word of exceeding good Command. word, and a word of exceeding good command, by2H4 III.ii.75
Accommodated: that is, when a man is (as they heaven. Accommodated: that is, when a man is, as they2H4 III.ii.76
say) accommodated: or, when a man is, being whereby he say, accommodated, or when a man is being whereby 'a2H4 III.ii.77
thought to be accommodated, which is an may be thought to be accommodated; which is an2H4 III.ii.78
excellent thing. excellent thing.2H4 III.ii.79
Go-too: stand aside. Go to; stand aside.2H4 III.ii.222
Go-too: stand aside. Go to; stand aside.2H4 III.ii.227
Well said, thou art a good fellow. Well said; th'art a good fellow.2H4 III.ii.233
Sir, a word with you: I haue Sir, a word with you. I have2H4 III.ii.237
three pound, to free Mouldie and Bull-calfe. three pound to free Mouldy and Bullcalf.2H4 III.ii.238
Hold Wart, Trauerse: thus, thus, thus. Hold, Wart, traverse. Thas! Thas! Thas!2H4 III.ii.264
The Armie is discharged all, and gone. The army is discharged all and gone.2H4 IV.iii.124
I am glad to see your Worship. I am glad to see your worship.2H4 V.i.50
If I might see you there, Dauie. An I might see you there, Davy – 2H4 V.iii.60
Yes Sir, in a pottle pot. Yea, sir, in a pottle-pot.2H4 V.iii.63
And Ile sticke by him, sir. And I'll stick by him, sir.2H4 V.iii.67
O ioyfull day: I would not take a Knighthood O joyful day! I would not take a knighthood2H4 V.iii.124
for my Fortune. for my fortune.2H4 V.iii.125

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