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What would my Lord, and Father? What would my lord and father?2H4 IV.iv.18
I shall obserue him with all care, and loue. I shall observe him with all care and love.2H4 IV.iv.49
Hee is not there to day: hee dines in London. He is not there today; he dines in London.2H4 IV.iv.51
With Pointz, and other his continuall followers. With Poins, and other his continual followers.2H4 IV.iv.53
Oh, my Royall Father. O my royal father!2H4 IV.iv.112.2
No, no, hee cannot long hold out: these pangs, No, no, he cannot long hold out these pangs.2H4 IV.iv.117
Th' incessant care, and labour of his Minde, Th' incessant care and labour of his mind2H4 IV.iv.118
Hath wrought the Mure, that should confine it in, Hath wrought the mure that should confine it in2H4 IV.iv.119
So thinne, that Life lookes through, and will breake out. So thin that life looks through and will break out.2H4 IV.iv.120
The Riuer hath thrice flow'd, no ebbe betweene: The river hath thrice flowed, no ebb between,2H4 IV.iv.125
And the old folke (Times doting Chronicles) And the old folk, time's doting chronicles,2H4 IV.iv.126
Say it did so, a little time before Say it did so a little time before2H4 IV.iv.127
That our great Grand-sire Edward sick'd, and dy'de. That our great-grandsire, Edward, sicked and died.2H4 IV.iv.128
His eye is hollow, and hee changes much. His eye is hollow, and he changes much.2H4 IV.v.6
I am here (Brother) full of heauinesse. I am here, brother, full of heaviness.2H4 IV.v.9
Let vs with-draw into the other Roome. Let us withdraw into the other room.2H4 IV.v.19
Doth the King call? Doth the King call?2H4 IV.v.50.1
We left the Prince (my Brother) here (my Liege) We left the Prince my brother here, my liege,2H4 IV.v.52
Who vndertooke to sit and watch by you. Who undertook to sit and watch by you.2H4 IV.v.53
Good morrow, Cosin. Good morrow, cousin.2H4 V.ii.21
Wel, you must now speake Sir Iohn Falstaffe faire, Well, you must now speak Sir John Falstaff fair,2H4 V.ii.33
Which swimmes against your streame of Quality. Which swims against your stream of quality.2H4 V.ii.34

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