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Heere sir. Here, sir.2H4 V.i.7
Marry sir, thus: those Precepts cannot bee seru'd: Marry, sir, thus: those precepts cannot be served;2H4 V.i.11
and againe sir, shall we sowe the head-land with Wheate? and again, sir – shall we sow the hade land with wheat?2H4 V.i.12
Yes Sir. Heere is now the Smithes note, for Shooing, Yes, sir. Here is now the smith's note for shoeing2H4 V.i.15
And Plough-Irons. and plough-irons.2H4 V.i.16
Sir, a new linke to the Bucket must needes bee Now, sir, a new link to the bucket must needs be2H4 V.i.19
had: And Sir, doe you meane to stoppe any of Williams had. And, sir, do you mean to stop any of William's2H4 V.i.20
Wages, about the Sacke he lost the other day, at HinckleyFayre? wages, about the sack he lost at Hinckley fair?2H4 V.i.21
Doth the man of Warre, stay all night sir? Doth the man of war stay all night, sir?2H4 V.i.25
No worse then they are bitten, sir: For they No worse than they are backbitten, sir, for they2H4 V.i.29
haue maruellous fowle linnen. have marvellous foul linen.2H4 V.i.30
I beseech you sir, / To countenance William Visor of I beseech you, sir, to countenance William Visor of2H4 V.i.33
Woncot, against Clement Perkes of the hill. Woncot against Clement Perkes o'th' Hill.2H4 V.i.34
I graunt your Worship, that he is a knaue (Sir:) But yet I grant your worship that he is a knave, sir; but yet2H4 V.i.37
heauen forbid Sir, but a Knaue should haue some Countenance, God forbid, sir, but a knave should have some countenance2H4 V.i.38
at his Friends request. An honest man sir, is able at his friend's request. An honest man, sir, is able2H4 V.i.39
to speake for himselfe, when a Knaue is not. I haue seru'd to speak for himself, when a knave is not. I have served2H4 V.i.40
your Worshippe truely sir, these eight yeares: and if I cannot your worship truly, sir, this eight years, and if I cannot2H4 V.i.41
once or twice in a Quarter beare out a knaue, against an once or twice in a quarter bear out a knave against an2H4 V.i.42
honest man, I haue but a very litle credite with your Worshippe. The honest man, I have little credit with your worship. The2H4 V.i.43
Knaue is mine honest Friend Sir, therefore I beseech knave is mine honest friend, sir; therefore, I beseech2H4 V.i.44
your Worship, let him bee Countenanc'd. you, let him be countenanced.2H4 V.i.45
Sweet sir, sit: Ile be with you anon: most sweete Sweet sir, sit – I'll be with you anon. Most sweet2H4 V.iii.26
sir, sit. Master Page, good M. Page, sit: Proface. sir, sit; master page, good master page, sit. Proface!2H4 V.iii.27
What you want in meate, wee'l haue in drinke: but you What you want in meat, we'll have in drink; but you2H4 V.iii.28
beare, the heart's all.must bear; the heart's all.2H4 V.iii.29
There is a dish of Lether-coats for There's a dish of leather-coats for2H4 V.iii.40
you. you.2H4 V.iii.41
Your Worship: Ile be with you straight. Your worship! I'll be with you straight. (to2H4 V.iii.43
A cup of Wine, sir? Bardolph) A cup of wine, sir?2H4 V.iii.44
I hope to see London, once ere I die. I hope to see London once ere I die.2H4 V.iii.59
If it please your Worshippe, there's one Pistoll come An't please your worship, there's one Pistol come2H4 V.iii.80
from the Court with newes. from the court with news.2H4 V.iii.81

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