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Heere sir. Here, sir.2H4 III.ii.147
A Womans Taylor sir. A woman's tailor, sir.2H4 III.ii.149
I will doe my good will sir, you can haue no more. I will do my good will, sir; you can have no more.2H4 III.ii.155
I would Wart might haue gone sir. I would Wart might have gone, sir.2H4 III.ii.161
It shall suffice. It shall suffice, sir.2H4 III.ii.166
I care not, a man can die but once: By my troth, I care not; a man can die but once:2H4 III.ii.228
wee owe a death. I will neuer beare a base minde: if it we owe God a death. I'll ne'er bear a base mind. An't,2H4 III.ii.229
be my destinie, so: if it be not, so: no man is too good be my destiny, so; an't be not, so. No man's too good2H4 III.ii.230
to serue his Prince: and let it goe which way it will, heto serve's prince; and, let it go which way it will, he2H4 III.ii.231
that dies this yeere, is quit for the next. that dies this year is quit for the next.2H4 III.ii.232
Nay, I will beare no base minde. Faith, I'll bear no base mind.2H4 III.ii.234

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