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Our present Musters grow vpon the File Our present musters grow upon the file2H4 I.iii.10
To fiue and twenty thousand men of choice: To five-and-twenty thousand men of choice;2H4 I.iii.11
And our Supplies, liue largely in the hope And our supplies live largely in the hope2H4 I.iii.12
Of great Northumberland, whose bosome burnes Of great Northumberland, whose bosom burns2H4 I.iii.13
With an incensed Fire of Iniuries. With an incensed fire of injuries.2H4 I.iii.14
With him, we may. With him we may.2H4 I.iii.18.1
But (by your leaue) it neuer yet did hurt, But, by your leave, it never yet did hurt2H4 I.iii.34
To lay downe likely-hoods, and formes of hope. To lay down likelihoods and forms of hope.2H4 I.iii.35
Grant that our hopes (yet likely of faire byrth) Grant that our hopes, yet likely of fair birth,2H4 I.iii.63
Should be still-borne: and that we now possest Should be still-born, and that we now possessed2H4 I.iii.64
The vtmost man of expectation: The utmost man of expectation,2H4 I.iii.65
I thinke we are a Body strong enough I think we are so, body strong enough,2H4 I.iii.66
(Euen as we are) to equall with the King. Even as we are, to equal with the King.2H4 I.iii.67
To vs no more: nay not so much Lord Bardolf. To us no more, nay, not so much, Lord Bardolph;2H4 I.iii.69
For his diuisions (as the Times do braul) For his divisions, as the times do brawl,2H4 I.iii.70
Are in three Heads: one Power against the French, Are in three heads: one power against the French;2H4 I.iii.71
And one against Glendower: Perforce a third And one against Glendower; perforce a third2H4 I.iii.72
Must take vp vs: So is the vnfirme King Must take up us. So is the unfirm King2H4 I.iii.73
In three diuided: and his Coffers sound In three divided, and his coffers sound2H4 I.iii.74
With hollow Pouerty, and Emptinesse. With hollow poverty and emptiness.2H4 I.iii.75
If he should do so, If he should do so,2H4 I.iii.78.2
He leaues his backe vnarm'd, the French, and Welch He leaves his back unarmed, the French and Welsh2H4 I.iii.79
Baying him at the heeles: neuer feare that. Baying him at the heels; never fear that.2H4 I.iii.80
The Duke of Lancaster, and Westmerland: The Duke of Lancaster and Westmorland;2H4 I.iii.82
Against the Welsh himselfe, and Harrie Monmouth. Against the Welsh, himself and Harry Monmouth:2H4 I.iii.83
But who is substituted 'gainst the French, But who is substituted 'gainst the French2H4 I.iii.84
I haue no certaine notice. I have no certain notice.2H4 I.iii.85.1
We are Times subiects, and Time bids, be gon. We are time's subjects, and time bids be gone.2H4 I.iii.110
'Tis Gualtree Forrest, and't shall please your Grace. 'Tis Gaultree Forest, an't shall please your grace.2H4 IV.i.2
Wee haue sent forth alreadie. We have sent forth already.2H4 IV.i.5.1
Now? what newes? Now, what news?2H4 IV.i.18.2
Hath the Prince Iohn a full Commission, Hath the Prince John a full commission,2H4 IV.i.160
In very ample vertue of his Father, In very ample virtue of his father,2H4 IV.i.161
To heare, and absolutely to determine To hear and absolutely to determine2H4 IV.i.162
Of what Conditions wee shall stand vpon? Of what conditions we shall stand upon?2H4 IV.i.163
Feare you not, that if wee can make our Peace Fear you not that. If we can make our peace2H4 IV.i.183
Vpon such large termes, and so absolute, Upon such large terms, and so absolute,2H4 IV.i.184
As our Conditions shall consist vpon, As our conditions shall consist upon,2H4 IV.i.185
Our Peace shall stand as firme as Rockie Mountaines. Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountains.2H4 IV.i.186
Besides, the King hath wasted all his Rods, Besides, the King hath wasted all his rods2H4 IV.i.213
On late Offenders, that he now doth lacke On late offenders, that he now doth lack2H4 IV.i.214
The very Instruments of Chasticement: The very instruments of chastisement,2H4 IV.i.215
So that his power, like to a Fanglesse Lion So that his power, like to a fangless lion,2H4 IV.i.216
May offer, but not hold. May offer, but not hold.2H4 IV.i.217.1
And though wee here fall downe, And though we here fall down,2H4 IV.ii.44.2
Wee haue Supplyes, to second our Attempt: We have supplies to second our attempt.2H4 IV.ii.45
If they mis-carry, theirs shall second them. If they miscarry, theirs shall second them,2H4 IV.ii.46
And so, successe of Mischiefe shall be borne, And so success of mischief shall be born,2H4 IV.ii.47
And Heire from Heire shall hold this Quarrell vp, And heir from heir shall hold this quarrel up2H4 IV.ii.48
Whiles England shall haue generation. Whiles England shall have generation.2H4 IV.ii.49
Goe Captaine, and deliuer to the Armie Go, captain, and deliver to the army2H4 IV.ii.69
This newes of Peace: let them haue pay, and part: This news of peace. Let them have pay, and part.2H4 IV.ii.70
I know, it will well please them. High thee Captaine.I know it will well please them. Hie thee, captain!2H4 IV.ii.71
Our Army is dispers'd: My lord, our army is dispersed already.2H4 IV.ii.102
Like youthfull Steeres, vnyoak'd, they tooke their course Like youthful steers unyoked they take their courses2H4 IV.ii.103
East, West, North, South: or like a Schoole, broke vp, East, west, north, south; or like a school broke up,2H4 IV.ii.104
Each hurryes towards his home, and sporting place. Each hurries toward his home and sporting-place.2H4 IV.ii.105

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